• Progressive Teasers

    The sports betting wagering option known as the Teaser just got better with the introduction of the progressive teaser.

    Earlier we introduced the teaser, but for those of you that are not familiar with the teaser, here is a quick definition. A Teaser bet is when you change the point spread in a parlay to your advantage. This teaser bet can have many different combinations of teams and changed odds that increase in odds with the number of teams and points that is added.

    The teaser alone is an awesome wagering option that is popular among many recreational bettors, but it just got better with the progressive teaser.

    Progressive Teaser works much the same way as a teaser.  However, with a Progressive Teaser, there is a relief payout for having an incorrect selection.  Once having the minimum amount of correct selections for a payout, each additional correct selection increases the payout odds.  Ties are considered incorrect selections on Progressive Teasers.

    There are certain restrictions when wagering on a progressive teaser. Only one side or total may be selected on a game.  Progressive Teaser selections with a "side to a side", "side to a total", or "total to a total" within the same game are not permitted. This is standard across the board at many online top-rated sports books but check with your sports book for their rules and regulations on the progressive teaser.

    Sports betting and especially teaser betting comes with an inherited risk. That risk is what makes sports betting excited, but it is also what takes money out of the player’s pocket. The Progressive teaser can change all of that.

    It may not guarantee a winner when betting on a teaser, but it provides a pseudo safety net and that is always appreciated especially when betting on sports. If you enjoy betting on teasers than the progressive teaser must be something that you are familiar with.

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