• Progressive Pleaser Bets

    Sports betting fanatics love to wager on sports using the exotic sports betting types and one of the more popular wagers is the pleaser. The pleaser wager is very similar to the teaser. The difference between a pleaser and a teaser is that with a pleaser, the line you bet against for each individual wager is moved against your favor from 6-7½ points. This number type is a “key number” and is used mainly in football. The problem with the pleaser is that much like the parlay you will need to win every wager.

    That risk diminishes with the introduction of a new wagering type known as the progressive teaser.

    Progressive pleaser works much the same way as a pleaser.  However, with a Progressive pleaser, there is a relief payout for having an incorrect selection.  Once having the minimum amount of correct selections for a payout, each additional correct selection increases the payout odds.  The one change or hurdle with the progressive pleaser is that all ties will be graded as losers.

    Progressive pleasers will also have an inclusion of wagering options when it comes to the sides and the totals of each wager. In a progressive pleaser you cannot combine a side or total in the same game. This may limit the wagering options with a pleaser, but getting the benefit of being able to miss a game in a pleaser and still get paid makes up for that small restriction when betting on a progressive teaser.

    The progressive pleaser may not be available at all sports books, but it is something that sports bettors should demand when playing with a top-rated sports book. The more options that a sports bettor have to wager on games the better the chance to find a way to beat the book.

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