• Open Teasers

    The Teaser is one of the most popular types of wagering on sports. The teaser allows the sports bettor to adjust the point-spreads or the totals in a particular game. In the teaser, the sports bettor can combine a number of different teams and add a number of different points. The bigger the teaser that is wagered on the bigger the payout that the bettor can receive.

    The payout is also determined by the amount of points placed on a teaser. If the sports bettor uses a big number of points to adjust the betting line such as in a Monster Teaser that will allow as many as 13-20 points, than the odds will diminish unless the number of teams increase.

    Much like a parlay wager, the sports bettor will have to win every game in the teaser to collect their winnings. There are special circumstances where this is not the case, but for the most part all selections have to win. Because of this, sports bettors employ different strategies to win by betting on teasers.

    This is where the open-teaser comes into play.

    When betting on a teaser it is not essential to select all of the teams in the teaser at once. The sports bettor can fill out the open spots of the teaser later on, if it is still pending which means there are no losing selections.  Open spots can be filled one by one or all at once and there is no expiration time frame on open teasers as long as there are no losing selections on your bet. This allows the professional handicapper to pick and choose their spots when it comes to teasers.

    This added strategy and the power of the open-teaser, makes this wagering option quite attractive when attempting to make money betting on sports.

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