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  • Scouting the NFL Schedule

    Football season is right around the corner as training camps begin to open all over the league. When preparing for the season a veteran handicapper knows that they need to prepare for the season well in advance to make the most of the information that is available. As mentioned in several of my articles leading up to this one, part of this preparation is looking at the season schedule. The schedule will show possible soft spots and great betting angles that can be used in the future. It will not reveal a wager but it is a good starting point to use, if you know what you’re looking for. Rule #9, scouting the schedule, will highlight some of those things to look at.

    The division sandwich is one of the most famous schedule scenario’s that there is in the NFL. Here is the theory on the divisional sandwich. A team plays a divisional opponent one week and then out of the division the next week before playing another divisional game. The theory is that the team has trouble getting up for the team they play in between division games and come out flat. This situation is intensified if they have to go on the road in between divisional games. This is something to circle at the start of each year.

    The next thing to look at is bye weeks. Each team handles bye weeks differently and this has to be taken into account. The team may play flat before the bye week because they are looking forward to taking a break or they may play great after a bye with extra weeks to prepare. The key to this is finding out how a team and coaching staff performed in the past in this situation.

    Another mark in the schedule is long road trips usually signified as three games or overseas trips. The NFL is marketing around the globe so trips to London and other locations may become common place. How a team handles the long trips and the tourist traps may become an issue. Players will want to visit the locations and try to comprehend the game plan all at the same time. This has to be something that is considered on the schedule.

    Finally the NFL schedule is full of games that have meaning for a team and one of the driving factors that have a team looking ahead is revenge. This year there will be several teams looking for revenge and these games should be circled on the NFL Calendar.

    These are just a few of the things to look at when scouting the schedule. The key thing to remember is to make a game plan with every schedule and look for games ahead of schedule that may give you an edge when wagering in the NFL.