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  • Things to investigate when betting NFL futures

    With the NFL season right around the corner now is the time to consider betting on win totals or future bets for the upcoming NFL season. A win total wager is simply betting over or under the number of wins a team may have for the upcoming season. Placing future wagers on win totals have many advantages for the football bettor but proper research is needed to make them profitable. Here are a few of the things that should be looked at before placing an NFL future.

    New Faces: Football has changed over the years with free agency and player movement. Now more than ever big money contracts are being offered and a player’s loyalty to a team can be purchased for the right price. Before placing a future wager it is vital to know what players have left a team and what new ones have come aboard. The media will cover the big names and the big contracts but knowing the lesser known players could also play a role.

    Rookies can make a difference: Last year Matt Ryan was well known and the prediction was that he would be a good quarterback in the league but not many would have predicted turning around one of the worst teams in the NFL in just one year. He was not the only rookie to make a difference to a team and the same thing will happen this year. Before placing a future wager, review a team’s draft.  See if they filled holes they needed and check out some of the rookie class. This could make a difference in a team depending on the players thy drafted.

    Schedule: This is the most obvious piece to look at yet many handicappers do not examine it the right way.  The schedule should be looked at last after team evaluations. If you look at the schedule and base the difficulty on the performance of the teams from last year then you will be making a huge mistake. It is important to evaluate the teams first then it will assist in evaluating the difficulty of the schedule. Just because a team was easy on the schedule does not mean that they will be easy this year.

    Head Coaches call the shots: a different coach can mean an entirely new way of thinking for an NFL team and therefore a different approach. It’s crucial to realize the coaching changes at all the levels and the philosophy they bring with them. These changes can bring different results and may have to face hurdles along the way.  If a key position like quarterback has to learn a new offense that they are not familiar with then it will be several weeks until they get on track.

    Finally let it be known that these are not the only parameters that should be looked at for deciding on what to bet on concerning win totals. There are a variety of things that can be looked at and more advanced options such as hedging that can be considered. Future totals are always worth looking at if you approach them correctly.