• Progressive Teasers

    The Multi-Chance Teaser is an off-shoot of the popular sports betting option known as the Teaser. The teaser has been around for ages and is always a popular wager option among sports bettors and it continues to change with the addition of wagering options like the progressive teaser and the Multi-Chance Teaser.

    The basic teaser is a group of wagers that can be either straight wagers or totals combined into one bet.  The difference between a parlay and a teaser is that with a teaser, the line you bet against for each individual wager is moved to your favor by the number of points of the teaser. The teaser transforms even more when using the Multi-Chance Teaser.

    A Multi-chance Teaser works much the same way as a Progressive Teaser.  In a progressive teaser the sports bettor can lose one of the combined wagers and still get paid. That facet is still alive and well with the Multi-chance teaser however, the payouts do not increase with more correct selections.  Once the minimum amount of correct selections has been won, the Multi-Chance play will be a winner.

    Winnings from a Multi-Chance plays are not credited to an account until all selections made have a result; this is no different from the other teaser option, the open teaser. Multi-Chance plays will not be credited before all selections have concluded even if the wager is already a winner. The Multi-Chance teaser is another option that needs to be explored by the serious sports bettor.

    In this day and age sports books offer the latest in sports betting technology and wagering options. There is no benefit from playing at a sports book that does not allow their clients to experience the best in sports betting. You deserve more as a serious sports bettor and you deserve a chance to use the Multi-chance teaser.

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