• Multi-Chance Parlays

    Parlays are a very popular bet for the simple fact that they give the opportunity to collect on a big pay day. Of course the downside of the parlay is that you must hit every selection included in the wager to make money. The conundrum involved is that the bigger the parlay the bigger the payout, but with every selection added the risk of hitting the parlay decreases.

    If there is a push, cancellation, or no action in one or more of your parlay picks, the wager steps down to the next lower number of teams.  Two team parlays with one selection resulting in a push, cancellation, or no action, reverts to a straight wager.  If all the picks of your parlay are pushes, cancellations, or no action, your parlay is graded as a tie or a push and the risked funds will be returned to your account. So ultimately the goal is to avoid ties and win every selection for the big payout.

    Top-rated sports books have witnessed firsthand how frustrating it can be for their clients to come within one game from hitting the big parlay so they have introduced the Multi-Chance parlay to try and keep their players in the game.

    A Multi-Chance Parlay works much the same way as a Progressive Teaser.  However, the payouts do not increase with more correct selections.  Once the minimum amount of correct selections has been won, the Multi-Chance Parlays will be a winner. The payouts and the odds change with losing a piece of the original parlay, but unlike the past, the player is still alive and has a chance to collect cash on the wager.

    So if you are sick of losing big parlays by just one play, the Multi-Chance Parlay wager may be exactly what you have been looking for.

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