• Monster Teasers

    When wagering on sports, often handicappers like to take their betting experience to the next level. Sports bettors are constantly looking for the next wagering option that will employ strategy coupled with a big pay day.

    The wagering option that often feeds that desire is the Monster Teaser.

    The Monster Teaser is another form of the teaser. For those that have not read our introduction of the teaser, here is a quick definition. A teaser is similar to a parlay, a wager where you have to pick two or more games correctly against the spread. However, there is one major difference between the parlay and teaser. The teaser allows you to "move the point spread" by either taking away points from the favorite or adding points to the underdog line. This is where the Monster Teaser is derived from.

    A Monster Teaser is a teaser on steroids. In its most average form the Monster Teaser will consist of four teams and will allow for 13 points by adding or subtracting to point-spreads. That allows the sports bettor to take an average teaser and make it into a monster!

    In order to see what sports books offer the Monster Teaser check the rules and regulations at the list of top-rated sports books. Certain sports books allow the sports bettor to add even more points to their teaser all the way up to and at times even surpassing 20 points! This will allow the sports bettor to do more than change the line; they can dominate the line in their favor.

    A certain number of teams are required in creating this type of teaser but that is not usually a problem with the amount of points that are offered up. Take advantage of this form of sports wagering and make your teaser into a monster today!

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