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    There are many ways to bet on sports at the top-rated sports books in the online gaming industry. One of the most basic ways to bet on a game is using the money line. The money line is simply the value of one team against another. The money line is betting on a team without using a point spread. This type of betting is the norm in sports like baseball and hockey, unlike basketball and football.

    In basketball and football the point-spread is the most common way of betting, but the money line is also available. Sometimes the money line will not be available on a game if the point-spread is very high.

    Here is an example of a money line.

    Atlanta (-3) -145 vs Seattle (+3) +125

    The point-spread in the example above is three points. However, if the sports bettor does not want to use the point-spread and just pick the team that they think will win the game then they will use the money line to wager on. However, when betting on the favorite the money line could get costly.

    In the example above, when betting on Atlanta to win the game using the money line (-145), the sports bettor would have to lay $145 for every $100 they would like to win. At the same time if the sports bettor wants to pick the underdog to win outright they will get a better return using the money line.

    Using the example above if the bettor wants to bet on Seattle using the money line (+125) they would get a return of $125 for every $100 played. This makes money line wagering very tempting and profitable.

    The money line allows the bettor to ignore the point-spread and find more value, especially when picking the upset. The money line could be one of the more profitable ways to win money wagering on sports if used properly.