• Masters Betting

    The story of the Masters is Tiger Woods and how he will do in the tournament after his of the course controversy.  Tiger Woods' first competitive round of golf this year will begin at 1:42 p.m. ET Thursday alongside K.J. Choi and Matt Kuchar. This may be one of the best times to bet on golf will all of the coverage this will get.

    In golf betting, there are generally three types of different bet types a gambler can make for any given golf tournament. Bettors can wager on a particular golfer to win the event, wager that a golfer will place in the top three, or bet that a particular golfer finishes higher than another golfer.

    Many tournaments will include a betting entry called "Field," which consists of all other golfers besides the ones listed by the sportsbook. Even though a bettor gets more than one golfer with one wager, the field almost always consists of those golfers given the least opportunity to win and is usually best avoided.

    The odds will naturally be lower when betting on a golfer to finish in the top three, as the sportsbook must pay off three different winning bets, as opposed to just one.

    The last commonly placed bet in golf is head-to-head finish between two players. Here, a bettor doesn't really care what place the golfer finishes in, as long as the golfer wagered on finishes higher than the other golfer.

    If you have bet other sports it will not be hard to catch on to how to be golf. One of the keys to betting on golf is finding the best line.  Many sportsbooks have different lines on different golfers or many different ways to wager on an event.  Looking for the most options and the best odds will reward the bettor in the end. The Masters is going to get extensive coverage so if you plan on betting on the golf this may be the best time to give it a try.

    Here are some of my favorite wagers that I have found online.

    Odds to win the Masters: Tiger Woods +600 / The Field -800

    Bet on the field -800. 8 to 1 is a bit steep for odds but its worth it when you are taking the entire field against Woods.  I am not sure that Tiger will be fully focused on Golf with everything going on so I like the field to cover this.

    Will there be a hole in one? This is really a crap shoot but I am going to bet NO -170 a hole in one is one of the hardest things to do in all of sports and if I lose this bet I will know right away because it will be the lead on ESPN. 

    Good luck and enjoy the Masters!