• If Betting

    Sports betting is a very unique and exciting way to watch and enjoy a sporting event. There are many different options when it comes to sports betting and they all offer a different way to make money on sports if used properly. One of the options that can be used is the If Bet.

    If Bets are a way to combine different wagers and provide some safety if some of the earlier wagers lose. However, there are many different strategies that can be used when placing an If Bet.

    An If Bet is a combination of wagers that carry over to the next bet only if the player wins the original selection.  The player has to wager a static amount on the first selection.  Then after placing that wager, the sports bettor will connect it to another wager. The payout amount of the first wager can be used to make any subsequent wagers and so forth and so on. 

    If done correctly the If bet can be very profitable and allow for a big payday if the sports bettor correctly determines a string of wagers.

    The player must correctly predict or win the first wager in order for the outstanding wagers to have action.  If the first wager loses or pushes, the rest of the string of bets are invalid.  As each selection wins, the action will then transfer to the next wager until there is a loss or the If Bet ends.

    There may be up to 15 selections in one If-Bet depending on what sports book that you play with. If you enjoy playing If-bets and like to have larger combinations, check all of the sports books for ones that specialize in If Bets.

    If Bets are one of the type of wagers that make betting and watching on sports more enjoyable.  Add this type of wagering to your favorites and you will soon see why they are very useful.