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  • Handicapping NFL Injuries

    This is the time of year when every football handicapper or recreational bettor starts to get excited. Football camps are open and the preseason is about to kick off. This is a time to analyze teams, check out the battles for position players, and watch for injuries. This can also be a great time to make a few bucks.

    The debate on if a bettor should wager on preseason football games has gone on for a long time. Those opposed would say it is a waste of time, because a fourth string quarterback could control the outcome late in the game and some coaches and teams don’t even play to win. Those in favor have a much different approach to the preseason, and I am in favor of betting on preseason games.

    The biggest reason I believe that betting on preseason football is a wise move is because like the players themselves, it prepares you for the upcoming season. Doing proper research to learn about the teams now will prepare you for the regular season kickoff. When you research a preseason game you learn about offseason player movement, coaching changes, and other important aspects of a team. For instance the Hall of Fame game that kicks off this Sunday will have injuries and even suspensions that will play a role in the preseason game and will carry over to the regular season. This research will help win money now and keep winning it in the future. In order to win money in the preseason then research has to be completed and here are a few things I look at when handicapping a preseason game.

    Who’s going to play? One of the most significant to things to know is who is going to play. Teams will reveal the rotation before a game and they will say what players will get significant playing time and even divulge what quarters they will play in. This is most telling for the quarterback position.

    Coaches Motivation: Different coaches approach preseason in different ways. Some coaches believe it is important to win in the preseason. They think it will set a precedent and set the bar high for expectations for the regular season. Other coaches believe the preseason is there to evaluate talent and stay away from injuries. To know how the coach is going to approach a game can be vital to covering the number and cashing a winning ticket.

    Battle for the top spot: Coaches will reveal what positions are still up for grabs and that can make the difference when you get deep into a game. If a player knows that he can earn the top spot by playing well they may push harder against lesser competition. The player’s motivation is important to know, just like the coaches.

    Read all about it: The difference between the regular season and the preseason is that coaches will reveal game plans in the preseason. Reading local papers from each team can keep you up to date on the game plan for each team. This is also a good source of information leading up to kickoff as most local affiliates now keep up to date reports or team blogs.

    One thing for sure the NFL preseason gives handicappers enough information to make an informed decision on the game. Looking at these factors and many others not named is a great way to make some money during the NFL preseason! It gives the handicapper a head start for the season so the only other question left is, are you ready for some football?