• Free Play or Free Bet

    Everyone loves to get stuff for free and that is especially true when it comes to money. Getting anything for free is great, but getting money to bet on sports for free is the absolute best! That is exactly what some of the top sports books in the online gaming industry are doing to get new customers.

    Many of the sportsbook bonuses that are given out every day are given out in the form of free plays. Free plays are exactly what it sounds like. It is free money placed in your sports betting account to wager on sporting events. However, like most things in life, nothing is 100 percent free and it often contains fine print. The same could be said for free plays.

    Free plays are indeed free cash placed into your account, however there are a few stipulations involved with using the free play.

    First, the free play is just the amount played. In other words if you have $100 in free plays and bet it all on one game the return (assuming the odds are -110) will be $90 in your sports betting account. You do not retain the free bet amount. However the upside is that you now have $90 of real money and not free money that can be played anyone that you would like.

    The other catch to the free play is the rollover. To avoid people playing the free play and getting a quick payout, it often comes with a rollover. The rollover is a set amount of times the money has to be played before it is withdrawn. This is a normal safeguard measure implemented by most sports books.

    While there may be a few catches in getting a free play, the bottom line is, it’s still free money, and who doesn’t like free money?