• First Half Betting

    When betting on a sporting event there is more options than just betting on the game. With new technologies and emerging sports books in the online gaming industry, there are newer options that are being offered every day. One of the betting options that can be exploited is the first half betting option.

    Betting on the first half opens up a new avenue to the sports bettor that allows new options and edges. Here is an example of a point-spread for a football game.

    Game: Patriots (-9) vs. Texans

    First Half: Patriots (-4.5) vs. Texans

    Using the example above if a sports bettor wanted to bet on the Patriots in the first half, the Patriots would have to win the first half by five points or more. If the sports bettor wanted to bet on the Texans in the first half they cannot be trailing by more than four points at the half.

    This wager is graded at halftime. The first half line is usually half of the point-spread for the game. Betting on the first half is a very exciting way of approaching a game.

    If the sports bettor believes one team will have a quick start to the game, than the first half betting is very valuable and it also can be used in conjunction with the full game point-spread. If a sports bettor bets on the first half and the game, then the bettor can make a choice at halftime. They could then decide to bet more or hedge on the full game wager.

    This is another option that has become popular over the years as sports bettors have found new ways to bet on sports. The first half wager opens up different approaches to handicapping games that was previously undiscovered. Now many handicappers will examine how teams perform and use that to their advantage when betting on sports.

    When betting on sports it is important to get as many edges as possible and first half betting is certainly one of them.

    Other types of wagering include Quarter Betting and Halftime Wagering.