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  • Prepare Early For Football

    Football is the most popular sport to wager on. Every fall excited sports bettors and fans eagerly await the kick off of the season. It sneaks up on people faster than some would think and before you know it the season is underway. A common mistake a bettor makes is waiting too long to prepare for the season. If the bettor waits to August or later to prepare then it’s too late, the time to prepare is now. This is a rule that if not followed it will cost you money.

    Football never sleeps and each team uses the off-season to evaluate and improve their teams to have a successful year, as a sports bettor you should do the same. In order to do this there are several things that have to be researched.

    Pour yourself a draft: at this point the draft is complete and it’s time to look at the players and the positions drafted. Is very important to see what players are already signed and will be in camp. In this day and age plenty of first round picks will hold out so it is essential to know what draft pick is ready for camp.

    Comings and Goings: In the year of the free agent it is rare that a team stays intact from one season to another. It is vital to know what players have left and where they have gone to. It is easy to keep track of high profile players that have signed elsewhere but role players that change teams are important to know as well. Defensive players that change teams may be just as important as quarterbacks that have donned a new helmet. Jay Cutler left the Broncos in a highly publicized departure but have the Broncos signed anyone in return? These changes can make all the difference to a team when the season starts.

    New Sheriff in town: Player changes are not the only changes that a team can undergo in the off-season. Changes that are made to the coaching staff are important to follow. Teams that have a coaching change can affect the entire landscape of a team. The head coach is not the only coaching change that will make a difference on a team. Keep an eye on teams that lost coordinators in high positions such as offensive, defensive and special teams.

    Product of the system: With coaching changes may come system changes and this is something to take note of. When Brett Favre went to the Jets from the Packers he left a system he had worked with for 16 years for a brand new one. This made for some difficulty with the coaching staff and the players. Certain games the playbook was watered down so Favre could call the plays and this would make the playbook smaller and give the defense an edge. A quarterback may thrive in one system but falter in another and the same could be said for any position player adjusting to a new scheme on a new team.

    These are just a few of the things that a sports bettor should look at when preparing for the season. The key is to start early. With so much data that needs to be covered to prepare appropriately, starting early is the only way to go. If the sports bettor has a good game plan and starts preparing early then it will lead to a winning season!