• Buying Points

    When betting on sports, the sports bettor uses the point-spread to try and pick a winner on any given game. This point-spread is the amount of points assigned by an odds maker that determines what the difference should be between the favorite and the underdog. What most sports bettors fail to do is adjust that point-spread by purchasing points.

    The sports bettor has the ability to add or subtract points to the spread by buying points. Buying points moves the point spread in your favor by the number of points purchased.  This could give the player a tremendous edge.

    However, it should be noted that not every wager allows point buying. Certain exotic wagers are exempt from adjusting the point spread. Sports bettors may buy half points on football and basketball game sides and totals only when betting straight wagers or parlays. First half and half-time point buying is not allowed. 

    Depending on how many points are purchased will depend on how much the odds are adjusted. Each half point purchased increases in cost for each additional point.  The sports book and the sport will gauge how many points can be purchased on a wager. The amount usually ranges from 10 to 20 points based on the league and sport.

    Sometimes certain numbers will determine the amount paid, like the key numbers in football. The number "3" and "7" football is key numbers.  At many sports books it costs extra to buy on and off these numbers and that amount will be determined by the sports book and the league or sport that is being wagered on. 

    Professional handicappers are not afraid to buy points although it comes at a cost and neither should you. In today’s sports betting world the bookmakers are so sharp just one point can make the difference in winning and losing.