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  • Betting NCAA Football Championship Games

    If you love college football this is a great time of year. The season is winding down and it always goes by so quickly. What should be a sad time is often replaced with joy because the best teams in the country battle in the Championships. Before the bowl games and before the BCS issues there is no debate when a team plays for a championship. It could be the SEC or the ACC or even smaller conferences the championship games always make for some great entertainment and betting opportunities.

    When looking at championship games and wagering it is important to realize that this is no regular season games. All of the teams are quality and they all are playing teams deserving of a shot at the title. Lines are much harder to place and are driven by the public for the most part. Keeping an eye on line moves and the consensus will help find inflated lines and heavily backed public teams. There are plenty of other variables to consider in Championship games as well. 

    Often revenge can play a role in championship games and it could be from the same season or a previous championship game. Florida and Alabama are a perfect example of this as they meet in the SEC Championship game again this year. This leads me to my next point that experience on a big stage can also help a team out as well as a big senior class. These are all things that should be looked at. Keep an eye on Championship game trends. These are released early and may help when trying to pick the winner in big games.  

    Focus on your fundamentals and use techniques that have helped you through out the season. This is a good practice run to get prepared to handicap for the bowl season and is one of the best times of the year!