• Action Points / Bets

    Sports betting offers several wagering options when betting money on a sporting event. One of those options that are very useful but often overlooked is Action Points. Action points is a way to include more points into the sports betting action and every point can make the difference between winning or losing that big bet.

    Different sports books will have a cap on how many points that can be used but usually the range is from one to 15 points when it comes to betting on professional football. After choosing how many points you would like to use for the wager the next step is to try and figure out how much you would risk per point. This sets the stage for a very exciting wagering opportunity.

    If this sounds complicated we will break it down further.

    By playing with action points the sports bettor basically chooses how much the team they choose will beat the point spread by. The minimum wager on Action points is usually ten dollars with a max being dependent on the sportsbook that you wager at.

    Using an example in the NFL, if the Patriots are (-3) point favorites over the Jets and you take the Patriots setting a cap of $10 per point with ten points being the cap. The Patriots win 10-3. Since the Patriots beat the Jets by four points MORE THAN the point-spread on the game, the sports bettor would be awarded $10 per point over the point-spread. In this case that would be $40 (4 points over the point spread X$10). As pointed out by this example the sports bettor could win (or lose) a substantial amount of money if they wager correctly.

    This type of wager is seldom used but if used properly the pay off could be huge!