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  • Betting at the Halfway Point in the NBA

    The NBA season is in full swing and we just passed the All-Star break and at that halfway point for the seasoned handicappers it is time to take a look at the NBA in a different light to readjust and make a run in the second half. To make sure that they to not get mired in a routine during the season it’s important to always readjust during the season. At the All-Star break it important for all handicappers to perform certain tasks to assure success in the second half.

    Take a break:
    Even the NBA takes a break by having the All-Star game in the middle of the season. Every handicapper should follow suit and take a few days off. With March around the corner and basketball becoming a full time job for handicappers taking a break is important for everyone to re-energize.

    Get out your chemistry kit:
    Plenty of big trades have happened of late especially in the West where Dallas, LA, Phoenix, Cleveland and others were just a few of the teams that landed some big NBA stars. The secret will be how they adjust to the teams and the teams accept the new players. Stay away from these teams until you see how they adjust before you jump on the bandwagon.

    Stay motivated:
    It’s not too hard to see what teams are motivated and why just check out the standings. In the division battles the home court is where it is at so look at teams trying to take a spot to play a few playoff games in the last few weeks of the season. Watch teams looking to make the playoffs. For example Charlotte and Atlanta still have a shot at the playoffs and they will have to play hard to try and get there.

    Road is unkind late in the season:
    The road is never easy to play on when you are in the NBA and it gets even harder late in the year especially when they start to play games that have no meaning in the season. The teams that are out of the playoffs and have more veterans than youth may have already cashed it in at this point and may just be playing out the string and that can relate to money for the sports bettor.

    Youth is served:
    Young players are exciting to watch but if they are rookies in the NBA you can expect them to give out near the end of the season. Last year in college they may have played 30 games or more but now since they are asked to play over 80 without the playoffs they start to get tired late in the season.

    The NBA is a very long season and a sports bettor is always bettor off when they adjust every step of the way to avoid getting lethargic. Adjusting systems, re-checking the numbers and closely monitoring the money management system in place is a must for any serious NBA bettor. This is a key to successful handicapping in the NBA and overall. If the sports bettor follows these steps and a few they learn along the way it will lead to many successful returns!