• Major League Baseball Handicapping: Weather

    Major league Baseball is one of the few professional sports that are directly affected by Mother Nature. Basketball and Hockey play indoors (for the most part) and football will play in any type of weather that is not severe. Baseball however is always at the mercy of the weather. Already the 2013 MLB season has felt the brunt of the weather as the Minnesota Twins have had numerous games cancelled due to inclement weather. At this rate the Twins could be playing triple header baseball for the rest of the season. Seriously, the weather is a factor that the baseball handicapper has to consider if they want to get serious about wining money.

    The main culprit is rain which will actually stop and / or cancel a baseball game. Because of this it is paramount that the handicapper knows the rules that their particular sports book has set forth to cover a wager in case a game is cancelled, suspended, or shortened due to rain. Sports books will have different rules intact to handle a situation and the time to find out is before you encounter the situation, not after. Usually the total is the more affected outcome of the rain out. The sides are often cancelled with the wager reimbursed as a “push”. Knowing the rules will help a handicapper know the ropes or even avoid wagering on a game that can be disrupted by rain. Rain is not the only weather element that can affect the outcome of a baseball game.

    Wind is another weather variable that deserves extra attention when handicapping a baseball game. Many sports betting sites will address this issue with the direction and speed of the wind. However the experienced handicapper will also want to know the direction it will go during the game as compared to the ballpark. There is a big difference between winds blowing out of a ball park or winds blowing in. The difference in wind direction could mean the difference between the total going over or under.

    Heat is another variable that can be looked at. In the summer months pitching in Texas is a nightmare. This could hinder the ability of the starting pitcher to be effective and disrupt any wager. All of these variables show that when it comes to baseball, handicapping weather is a must.

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