• MLB Team Total Betting

    The major league baseball season is here and before the season starts and after the research is done it is time to look at the team total future bets in MLB. Savvy Sports bettors bet baseball and they smart ones always wager on future bets. A future wager is betting on an event that will occur in the future and team totals are one of the most popular bets when it comes to future MLB bets.

    Team totals are an over/under wager and the bettor is basically betting if the team in the wager will have more or less wins than the posted total. For example this year the Arizona Diamondbacks have a posted number of 83 regular season wins. The sports bettor will make a decision on whether or not they believe that the Diamondbacks will win more or less than 83 regular season games. The team must play a minimum of 160 games for the wager to be active just in case of a strike or another occurrence that will cause the season to end short.

    Sports bettors look at previews before the season start to see how they would like to approach the team total wager. The they then place the wager on going over or under the regular season total and wait until the end of the season to see if they are a winner. This is very popular among professional bettors that wager on baseball. Many will tell you that wagering on team totals and futures is something that must be done in every sport and there is a major reason why.

    Future wagers can turn into an insurance policy late in the season for any sports bettor. Let’s use the example above. If you wagered that the Diamondbacks would get more than 83 wins and with weeks to go they have already eclipsed that number, you will know you have a winner. This winner could allow a sports bettor to hedge bets with other future wagers or use it for a bankroll cushion if needed. Although the wager will be tied up for the entire season it is a neat wager that makes the season interesting.

    In conclusion most sportsbooks, if not all of them, post team totals and other futures for the major league baseball season. If you’re going to approach this season with a winning mentality and look to make a profit then future wagers is something that should be considered. The professional gamblers do it for a reason and they know what works. This is a a great tool for every handicapper to use and once you get the hang of it you will find yourself betting on futures for every sport and making a profit if you do it correctly!