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  • MLB Handicapping: Starting Pitchers

    The crack of the bat and the warm weather indicates that another baseball season is upon us. Both professional and recreational sports bettors will turn to America’s pastime in an attempt to make a profit betting on the sport. When handicapping baseball, it is very important to assemble a set of tools to investigate different aspects of the game. One aspect that deserves extra interrogation and is at the center of each game is starting pitching.

    Starting pitching is very important and is essentially what odds makers’ use as gauge to set the opening line for any baseball game. Considering the starting pitcher will have the ball in his hands for up to 80 percent of the game, he will become the starting point for any true handicapper when looking to win money by betting on baseball. There are many different areas for handicappers to cover when looking at the starting pitcher.

    Starting pitchers have many different quirks and during a long season they can be money makers or they can collapse. Here are a few angles that need to be considered when betting on a starting pitcher.

    Age: This year Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay realized he was getting older and losing velocity so he had to use the spring to adjust his pitching style. Savvy bettors noticed this and used the first outings for Halladay as a chance to fade the pitcher and make a few bucks. This is just one reason that age can be a factor for a starting pitcher.

    Last Three Appearances: The starting pitcher is only as good as his last start and it is important to go beyond the box score when looking at recent starts. Things to look for are high pitch counts as well as walks per innings pitched to see how the pitcher did from a control standpoint. Checkout Daily MLB Matchups here!

    Time of Year: Some pitchers do better at different times of the year. Some pitchers struggle out of the gate due to cooler temperatures and do much better during the warmer months. Getting a list of pitchers that do well in certain months will always help a handicapper win a few extra bets.

    While the starting pitcher is an important aspect to cover when preparing to bet on a baseball game, it is not the only one. has assembled a handicapping page featuring some of the most unique tools in the baseball betting world. All of these betting tools are located in one place for quick use and a sure fire way to make money betting on baseball. Like this read Known Your Starting Pitcher