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  • Handicapping the second half of the MLB Season

    The Major League Baseball season has hit the halfway point of the season with the All-Star game. Major leagues teams now have to adjust for the second half of the season and adjust their approach for the remainder of the season. As a baseball bettor there are also adjustments to be made. The second half of the season is much different than the first half and a different approach to handicapping must be used or it may end up in costing the bettor in the long run.

    The midway point of the season is when owners decide if their team will be in the race for the pennant or on the outside looking in. It is important to know what teams are going in what direction and while some are obvious like division leaders and cellar dwellers it is the mid tier teams that are sometimes hard to judge. When teams are in a “selling” mode and looking to next year it does not put them in the loser column every night. They may be looking to trade a good player and that player will try to do his best to showcase his talent for other teams. Another to look at for teams that are selling is the farm system. These teams will call up young prospects to get a few swings and some experience in the big leagues. Depending on the prospects this could energize the team and get them a few wins in the process.

    As mentioned mid tier teams that are still in the race but just a few losses from being out have to be watched closer than teams that are selling. These teams still have a shot at the playoffs so important series deserve special attention. All it takes is a sweep against the division leader to get them back in the race, and at the same time if they are swept then they could go into a downward spiral and lead to a long losing streak as they look toward next season.

    Teams that are in first or have a serious shot at the playoffs are often called “Buyers”. These teams are looking to add that special piece of the puzzle that will put them over the top and make them champions. The main thing to focus on with these teams is letdown. When the series against division rivals are so important it is to have let down when playing teams out of division. After these teams clinch the division is another time to take notice. Managers may elect to lower pitch counts or rest starters which can easily affect the outcome of a game.

    The second half of the season can be very profitable if approached the right way. With football season around the corner it can be overwhelming to balance pigskins with baseball, so plan to win and win with a plan. A solid foundation and approach to handicapping the second half of the season can be the extra edge that a baseball handicapper is looking for.