• Major League Baseball Handicapping: Schedule

    Betting on Major League Baseball can reap a huge profit if the handicapper goes about it the right way. That right way includes having a baseball tool box with the right amount of tools that covers all of the angles to bet on in a baseball game.

    These tools should give the handicapper a quick look at all of the aspects they need to know about the game for that day to include the starting pitcher, bullpen and umpires. One area that is important but often forgotten is the Major League Baseball schedule.

    When the National Football League schedule comes out it is treated like a national holiday with fans clamoring to see where their team will play and who they will go up against. However the baseball schedule is long and so it would seem like that taking a look at the schedule would not help at all, but guess again.

    Let’s use this year for example. The Boston Red Sox currently have the best record in baseball, but does that make them the best team in baseball? The answer is no. The 2013 schedule has started off very kind to the Red Sox. They have played many teams that are in last place in their perspective divisions and have enjoyed home cooking to start the season with many of the games being played at Fenway Park. They now head to the road to play some very good teams. The odds makers will most likely over price the Red Sox in this spot making this a time to look to fade the Red Sox. Other teams like the Cincinnati Reds, started with a hard schedule and they could become a play in upcoming weeks with a favorable adjusted line. This is just one way to look at a schedule to gain an advantage.

    The schedule plays a big role to managers. They have to adjust the lineups based on how many games they play to give their players the rest they need. Therefore the schedule will dictate when important players take the field or take the day off.

    The schedule will also provide “soft spots” for the manager. This will be the times that the manager realizes his team is playing a lower tier team with a good team on the schedule next. This could often cause the manager to change the rotation and this brings many things to be concerned about.

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