• MLB Handicapping the Schedule

    When betting baseball the sports handicapper has to take the schedule into account when handicapping the games on any given night.  The schedule is very important and if ignored it could be costly.  There are several events that must be taken into account when handicapping baseball

    Get Away Day: Get away day usually falls on Thursday during the week but has been known to fluctuate and to include Sunday and Wednesday.  Get away day is the last game of any series when a team will have to leave to go to another city to play the next day.  After the last game of a series the away team has to “Get Away” and some teams handle this differently.  It is important to know the lineup for this day because starters may be rested. Find out how important the game is because the away team may be looking forward to the next location and throw in the towel to get the game over with quick and get out the door. 

    Night/Day games: It’s important to know the next day’s schedule as well as the day before.  When a team is playing a night game and has a day game the next day they may be prone to rest starters or often injured players to avoid the wear and tear this could cause.  This is always a good day to rest a catcher.   

    Rivals Let Down: Rivals in baseball are always something that a team will look forward to.  This is a perfect case to look forward to a series or have letdown after they have completed the series.  For example in early May the Red Sox had a two game set coming up against the rival Yankees.  In the game before the two game set they lost to the Rays possibly indicating they were looking ahead to the big game.  The Red Sox went on to sweep the Yankees and in the very next game they lost badly to the Cleveland Indians in what could have been labeled a let down after sweeping the Yankees.  This look ahead and let down events can happen with rivals or important games within the division, such as a battle for first place. 

    Long and Winding Road Trips: Road trips are a part of the game in baseball.  Teams do not look forward to going away for long road trips mainly because they miss home and family and friends.  It is very easy for a team to be content with going .500 on a road trip.  Often if a team starts off the road trip hot they will fade looking forward to going home.  This is where distance traveled plays a role too.  When a team travels cross country they need to be concerned with jet lag or if a team has multiple stops on the trip spread out they can become very weary and that can affect the outcome of the trip.

    In closing the schedule is a very important part of handicapping in baseball.  The season is very long and it is nearly impossible to see a team get up for every game.  Keeping tabs on the schedule will allow the bettor to find certain games that they may be able to take advantage of and make some money!!