• MLB Runline and Alternative Run Line Betting

    The Major league Baseball is here and for baseball fans and sports bettors this is a great time of the year. Baseball is one of the most profitable sports to bet on yet many people don’t do it. One of the reasons they decide not to bet on baseball is because it is different then betting on football or basketball and for some that confusion causes them to pass on the baseball season. This article will cover betting on baseball using run lines and alternate run lines.

    Run lines are a baseball bet that creates a point spread for a baseball game opposed to the traditional moneyline bets offered. The way they work is that the favorite would now be laying -1.5 runs and pay a plus number if they are to cover the spread and win by 2 runs or more. The team would need to win by two or more runs in order to cash in on your wager. Here is an example.

    New York Mets
    Boston Red Sox-1.5 +140

    As you can see, when you lay a run and a half you are paid at underdog odds because the oddsmaker believes that this result (winning by 2 or more) is less likely to happen than not. That covers if you bet a favorite on the run line but you can also wager on the underdog with a run line but it will be at the price of laying chalk. Here is an underdog catching the run and a half.

    New York Mets +1.5 -160
    Boston red Sox

    The underdog now getting a run and a half makes them the favorite to cover this spread. As you can see, the importance of a team getting or laying one run is huge as almost 20% of all major league baseball outcomes land within one run. This si an interesting stat to consider when making a wager but this is not the only run line wagers. There are also alternative run lines.

    The alternative run lines is where the sportsbook makes the favorite an underdog and the underdog the favorite, kind of like a pleaser bet in football. In an alternative run line bet the Mets would be -1.5 +240. The Sox would be +1.5 -300.Last but not least, some online sports bookies offer run lines of plus or minus 2.5. These are really pricey as their easier to beat. An example of a 2.5 run line using the above listed game would be the Mets getting 2.5 at -285 and the Sox laying -2.5 runs and getting +225 back on the payout. This may seem like a tempting move but it is a move that can end up hurting the bankroll. One loss and you can find yourself with a three unit setback that is not easy to crawl out of. Three units can be a setback that can literally take 2 weeks or more to get back to the break even point, even for the most astute of handicappers. Betting baseball can be very profitable if you understand the types of wagers and use smart money management. It is a very long season so learn how to place all types of wagers and try them out at small amounts until you find one that you like. In the end baseball will become one of your favorite sports to wager on.