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  • MLB Baseball Playoff Betting Techniques

    Sports fans all over the country are rejoicing over this time of the year. The NFL is two weeks in and the dog days of baseball are behind us and the playoffs are on the horizon. Talks of magic numbers and pennant chases are upon us and everyday all the teams remaining in the hunt are reduced to scoreboard watching. When it comes to betting this is a unique time of year when betting baseball. There are certain things that you need to be aware of that will go along way when it comes to making a profit in the last month of the baseball season and deep into post season play. This article will display a few tips and tricks you can look for as you prepare for the stretch run in major league baseball and into the World Series.

    Teams that are out of it may not be out of it: When you look at teams that have no shots of making the playoffs are even breaking .500 most people assume that they have no fight left and should be a fade every time they step on the field. I disagree on this fact. Many young teams and bad teams have good prospects that are ready to take their shot in the big leagues, this is the time of the year when you see these kids get called up to the show. Since they want to stay in the show this is their chance to prove to the coaches and the management that they can play. They often will give 110% and along the way upset some teams; this is something to keep an eye on.

    Pitchers are dead or protected: This is the time of year when the wear and tear on a pitcher becomes evident. Keep a close eye on pitchers and what kind of year they had as far as innings pitched and you may see a pitcher that will try to get in one more start even though is arm is not up to it. Spotting these pitchers can make you some serious money if you play them at the right time. This is also the time of year when you see pitchers being protected and not going as long as usual so they can be saved for the playoffs. With that in mind you don’t want to drop heavy juice on a starter that only ends up going 6 innings. This kind of treatment is highly publicized and can be picked up in interviews if you watch closely.

    Lines are skewed: This is a busy time of the year for lines makers especially with football right around the corner and the workload they have doubles overnight and so it takes some getting used to. They may not put all of the effort in putting a line on a game ion baseball between two teams that are going nowhere. Look for this line value everyday on the baseball side of the house and it may make you a few dollars.

    Playoff Baseball and the World Series: When it comes to betting the playoffs it’s a whole new ballgame. The key to betting playoff baseball is all about matchups. The teams that face each other in the playoffs are all good teams and so it’s not a matter of always choosing the best team, it’s about looking into how well they match up against one another. Its about researching bullpens not just starters. In the playoffs games are often decided late but if one team has a heavy hitting lineup that are made up mostly made up of lefties and the opposing bullpen has no lefthanders it could make for a long day for the team with a weak bullpen. The little things mean a lot in the playoffs.

    These are just some examples of the types of things that go on in the stretch run of the baseball season that a bettor can take advantage of. The key as always is to do your homework and don’t ignore the baseball season just because the football season is underway. In the long run it will be another way of making money and getting the edge and that can be applied to football down the road!