• Betting The Early Part of The MLB Season

    The first full week of baseball is here and as a baseball bettor you can learn a lot from the early things that have gone on in just one day of baseball. Before looking into that make sure to soak in the things that make this sport great. The tradition that is the first day of baseball started with a bang. Afternoon games and the smell of freshly cooked hot dogs filled the ball parks as families count out in droves to share this great game. Hope springs eternal over the league even by the teams that seem like they don’t have a shot. Then the ring of “play ball” shot away and the games were underway!

    Now with that behind us it is important to look at what the early season can show us about betting baseball that we can use well into the season.

    Don’t mess with Mother Nature — rain played a role into things right away as two games were postponed and many were delayed due rain. The first thing that the sports bettor should have learned yesterday is that you must look into the weather report. The weather report comes into things and can play a huge role when betting on a game which leads to our next rule of thumb to remember.

    Know your rulesUS Sports books have different rules for baseball and often the sports bettor is not familiar with them. It is important to get familiar with them before you bet so you are not blindsided when it comes time to make a wager. For instance do you know what happens to your funds if a game is postponed? Or the difference between what happens if you bet on a side or a total and the game ends due to rain? These are things you should look into as some sports books have different rules for different situations in baseball.

    Beware of the dog — it may be just the first week of baseball already but as you can see the dog is biting as Kansas city took down Detroit at home and the Atlanta Braves have already lost two games as chalk on the early season. This does not mean to take all of the dogs, although that strategy makes much more sense then taking all of the favorites. Just take a look at what would have happened to the sports bettor that took the Detroit Tigers yesterday. They would have went 0-1 and have been down over two units. This means that they will have to win two games to make up for just one loss. The way to avoid this is to minimize risk by taking the run lines with heavy chalk or avoiding them altogether. It is easy to set a limit on how high of a chalk that you will back up and most baseball bettors set the limit at -150.

    These are just some things to look at in the early season but the more that you look at and remember now the better your betting arsenal of knowledge will be later on in the season! Enjoy the long season and don’t let one day of baseball get your hops too high or too low. It’s a long season and it’s meant to be played that way. Take your time sit back and enjoy what is set out to be a great year in major league baseball!