• Importance of the Dimeline

    When it comes to wagering on sports the dime line is very important to understand. It is something that every gambler deals with on every play but it is often misunderstood or not even looked at when it comes to importance on a play. The dime line however is very important and it is the heart and soul of wagering. Why do you think it is that so many sportsbooks offer deals on the dime line or brag about the dime line when it comes to making wagers?  

    Before we can discuss the dime line, let’s start with the basics and define the dime line! Simply put the dime line is when the difference between the favorite and the underdog in baseball is ten cents. For example if the Yankees are a -140 favorite and the red Sox are a +130 underdog then that is a true dime line. If a sports bettor is taking the Yankess they would have to lay -140 to win 100 and if they laid 100 on the Red Sox they would take back 130. Hopefully this should already tell you why knowing the dime line is important. Many sportsbooks tend to increase the difference to twenty and even thirty cents the higher the juice goes. It is not odd to see one team as a -180 favorite and the dog would just return +160. Therefore you get a better return if you find a sportsbook that offers dime lines higher up on the scale when betting games in major league baseball.

    The key to using this in your favor is finding the right sportsbook to do the right job. To offer dime lines whenever is possible. Many people will tell you that the dime line is a line where the juice is 10% or -110. Don’t get confused on this, the term dime line is most often used when referring to baseball and confusing it in other sports may make things tougher on you. Juice is a common term and it refers to the commission that the book takes in on a losing bet and this is basically the -110 you lay on your football or basketball game when there are points involved. With baseball there is no line and therefore you pay what you see on the money line as explained before. So the proper definition of the dime line is the difference between the underdog and the favorite. That is why when you have a ten cents difference between the favorite and the underdog all the way up to -190 you get what is called a true dime line. As mentioned this is not always easy to find in the market because the books know that they stand to make more profit with a bigger difference in the lines. However there are some sportsbooks that are still willing to make that adjustment in order to get the base of players to their site! Some of those books are featured right here, make sure to check them out! 

    There you go that is the dime line in a nutshell. Now that you know what it is, how to avoid confusion with other terms, and where to look for a sportsbook that offers it you are ready to start making money with the dime line!! 

    Our Favorite sportsbooks that offer Dimelines from highest to lowest:

    Sportsbook.com - Up to -180

    5 Dimes - 10 cent lines up to -175 with overnight NICKEL lines!!!!

    Diamond Sportsbook - Dimeline to -140. The progressively moves to a 15 cent line from -145 to -170, 20 cent line from -175 to -190, 30 cent line at -200 to to -230, and a 40 cent line from -240+