• MLB Baseball Acronyms

    When Betting on Baseball its important you know the lingo aka mlb baseball acronyms for the game statistics. With this hadicapping the games will be much easier and profitable! Listed below are all the Baseball acronyms from A to Z! For more MLB Picks and betting discussion visit the baseball forum.

    AB: At bats
    AL: American League
    A: Assists
    BA: Batting average
    BAA: Batting average against
    BB: Base on balls (walk)
    BF: Batters faced
    BK: Balk
    BS: Blown save
    CG: Complete game
    CS: Caught stealing
    DH: Designated Hitter
    DP: Double play
    E: Error
    ER: Earned runs
    ERA: Earned run average
    FO: Foul out
    FPCT: Fielding percentage
    GB: Ground ball
    GDP: Ground into double play
    GF: Games finished
    G/F: Ground ball to fly ball ratio
    GO: Ground out
    GS: Games started
    GS: Grand slam
    H Hits
    HD: Hold
    HBP: Hit by pitch
    HP: Home plate
    HR: Home Run
    IBB: Intentional base on balls
    IF: Infielder
    INT: Interference
    IP: Innings pitched
    K: Strike out (A backwards K would mean struck out looking)
    LHP: Left handed pitcher
    LOB: Left on base
    MLB: Major League Baseball
    NL: National League
    OF: Outfield
    OBP: On base percentage
    OPS: On base percentage plus slugging percentage
    PB: Passed ball
    PO: Put outs
    POS: Position played
    QS: Quality starts
    R: Run scored
    RBI: Run batted in
    RHP: Right handed pitcher
    RISP: Runners in scoring position
    RP: Relief pitcher
    RS: Run support
    S: Sacrafice
    SB: Stolen base
    SF: Sacrifice Fly
    SLG: Slugging percentage
    SHO: Shutout
    SP: Starting pitcher
    SV: Save
    SLG: Slugging percentage
    TB: Total bases
    TC: Total chances
    TP: Triple play
    WHIP: Walks + Hits divided by innings pitched
    WP: Wild pitch
    XBH: Extra base hits