• MLB Betting Articles

    MLB Picks and Consensus Betting - A look at the public consensus and how to bet it in MLB Baseball

    MLB Handicapping: Starting Pitching - When betting on MLB, one of the most important things to consider is the starting pitching for that dyas game

    Using Umpire Stats for MLB Betting: - An overview on using an umpires stats when handicapping a game.

    Bullpen Handicapping - A look at angles for using the bullpen work and betting on MLB

    Handicapping MLB & Weather - A look at how the weather impacts handicapping baseball

    MLB Schedule Handicapping Part 2 - Betting on Major League Baseball is considered by many professionals one of the best sports to make a profit on. This is due to the fact that picking a winner does not include a point spread of any sorts and it only requires the handicapper to pick a winner. However it also includes a massive amount of research to include looking at everything such as the schedule.

    Handicap the schedule When betting baseball the sports handicapper has to take the schedule into account when handicapping the games on any given night.  The schedule is very important and if ignored it could be costly.  There are several events that must be taken into account when handicapping baseball. 

    How to calculate ERA and use it for betting on baseball- When betting on baseball it is essential for a handicapper to get involved with the statistics and the numbers that make up baseball. Baseball is fueled by numbers and to not understand or use them is a big mistake by anyone that intends to wager on baseball. Ask any professional handicapper and they will tell you that knowing the numbers is the key to winning consistently in baseball. One of the more important statistics to get familiar with is ERA or earned run average.

    How to calculate WHIP and use it for betting on baseball - When betting on baseball it is necessary for a handicapper to work with statistics because they are the heart and soul of baseball. Baseball is driven by statistics and to understand and appreciate the game, the fan and the sports bettor need to know how to decipher and calculate common stats. When it comes to betting, statistics could be the difference between winning a game and losing money. One of the more significant statistic to get familiar with is WHIP but ironically it is one of the most commonly misunderstand statistics in all of baseball.

    Runline and Alternative Runline Betting - Baseball is one of the most profitable sports to bet on yet many people don’t do it. One of the reasons they decide not to bet on baseball is because it is different then betting on football or basketball and for some that confusion causes them to pass on the baseball season. This article will cover betting on baseball using run lines and alternate run lines.

    Team Total Betting - Savvy Sports bettors bet baseball and they smart ones always wager on future bets. A future wager is betting on an event that will occur in the future and team totals are one of the most popular bets when it comes to future MLB bets.

    Betting the Second Half of the MLB Season - The Major League Baseball season has hit the halfway point of the season with the All-Star game. Major leagues teams now have to adjust for the second half of the season and adjust their approach for the remainder of the season. As a baseball bettor there are also adjustments to be made.

    MLB Betting Early On - The first full week of baseball is here and as a baseball bettor you can learn a lot from the early things that have gone on in just one day of baseball. Before looking into that make sure to soak in the things that make this sport great. The tradition that is the first day of baseball started with a bang. Afternoon games and the smell of freshly cooked hot dogs filled the ball parks as families count out in droves to share this great game. Hope springs eternal over the league even by the teams that seem like they don’t have a shot. Then the ring of “play ball” shot away and the games were underway!

    MLB Playoff Betting Tips - When it comes to betting this is a unique time of year when betting baseball. There are certain things that you need to be aware of that will go along way when it comes to making a profit in the last month of the baseball season and deep into post season play.

    Keys to MLB Betting - In order to successfully wager and make a profit on major league baseball you should know some tips and insight on wagering on the game.

    MLB Betting Techniques - Baseball is fun and it can lead to profits but it also can be disastrous and can leave you yearning for the kickoff of the football season. If played correctly it can set you up for a nice bankroll to start the football season with and make for a great summer of baseball. In this article I will discuss some tips that will get you ready for baseball and help you stay around for the long haul.

    How to calculate Batting Average and use it in sports betting - When betting on baseball every edge is important to the sports handicapper. Any and every angles should be used by the baseball bettor to get an edge on the big game. Baseball is all about statistics. From players to games, to individual statistics, numbers play a big role and there may not be a more important statistic than batting average.

    MLB Baseball Acronyms - When Betting on Baseball its important you know the lingo aka mlb baseball acronyms for the game statistics. With this hadicapping the games will be much easier and profitable! Listed below are all the Baseball acronyms from A to Z! For more MLB Picks and betting discussion visit the baseball forum.

    Importance of the DimeLine - When it comes to wagering on sports the dime line is very important to understand. It is something that every gambler deals with on every play but it is often misunderstood or not even looked at when it comes to importance on a play. The dime line however is very important and it is the heart and soul of wagering.

    Overnight Lines - The Major league Baseball is about to start and one of the most important things a baseball bettor can do to prepare for the season is to make sure they are playing at a sportsbook that is good for baseball. In order to know if you’re playing at a sportsbook that is good for betting baseball you should check out a few things.