BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast January 3, 2020


We finished up this week on BangTheBook Radio with a couple of Friday segments to give you some insights heading into the weekend and beyond. Host Adam Burke wrapped up the SuperContest and spent some time talking college basketball and then Brent from DSI Sportsbook stopped by for this week’s version of The Odds Report to talk the National Championship Game and all four Wild Card Weekend matchups.

We’ve got all of those things covered in spades at That is why we are your one-stop shop for sports betting news and information. It’s been busy, but we’ve helped you stay on top of it all in basketball, football, hockey, and the other niche markets. Keep it tuned at BTB and you’ll find something to help you every single day.


Host Adam Burke got on a roll and went longer than he expected on this Friday edition of BangTheBook Radio. He recapped the year that was in the Westgate SuperContest and talked about some of his shortcomings with this year’s picks. It was something of a self-reflective segment, but in the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, Adam gave some advice that should help all bettors and handicappers. Adam also talked about the changes coming to next year’s SuperContest and how they should benefit the field.

He also talked a little bit of college basketball to help bettors find some shortcuts on the hardwood and some betting angles to consider going into Friday’s games and a weekend full of conference play.


Brent from DSI Sportsbook joined Adam for this week’s version of The Odds Report. Sharp money hasn’t made too much of an appearance for Clemson vs. LSU as of yet, but the guys talked about where that line stands and also hit on some of the prop bets that will be coming out for what is essentially college football’s Super Bowl.

The guys discussed all four Wild Card Weekend games in the NFL playoffs. There is sharp money in these and there were also a lot of interesting talking points regarding teasers, totals, and where the lines are expected to go for Bills vs. Texans, Titans vs. Patriots, Vikings vs. Saints, and Seahawks vs. Eagles.

Join us on Monday when we chat some college football and college basketball with professional handicapper Kyle Hunter of

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