BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast January 14, 2020


It is a busy and hectic morning here at BangTheBook with some site issues and some big changes, but it takes a lot to stop this BangTheBook Radio train from rolling down the tracks. Host Adam Burke spent the duration of the show with Brian Blessing of Sportsbook Radio and Vegas Hockey Hotline to chat NFL playoffs, NHL, and The American Express, formerly known as the CareerBuilder Challenge.

We have a lot of content on a weekly basis across the NFL, college football, college basketball, NBA, NHL, golf, soccer, tennis, and so much more to help you bang the books each and every day. Keep it locked in right here because we are your one-stop shop for sports betting news and information.

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Host Adam Burke was joined by Brian Blessing of Sportsbook Radio and Vegas Hockey Hotline for the duration of today’s show to chat NFL, NHL, and golf. The guys took a look back at the Divisional Round Weekend and then a look ahead at the Conference Championship Weekend with NFL betting thoughts, picks, and analysis.

Adam and Brian took a deep dive into Packers vs. 49ers and also Titans vs. Chiefs to break down to spread, total, and their stances on the two games. They also talked some NHL with a busy card tonight and a lot of stuff going on prior to the All-Star Break. Finally, The American Express is one of the most unique golf tournaments of the season on the PGA Tour, so you better believe the guys talked about it on today’s show.

Join us on Wednesday when we chat college basketball with Greg Peterson and also talk NFL playoffs with Wes Reynolds.

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