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MLB Dime Lines

When it comes to Major League Baseball betting, most sportsbooks fall into three categories – Dime Lines, 15-Cent Lines, and 20-Cent Lines. In this breakdown, we’ll talk about what those mean and why some of them are more advantageous to players than others. Sportsbooks & Dime Lines In a perfect world, sportsbooks would have balanced … Continue reading MLB Dime Lines

7 months ago

MLB Live Betting Tips

Without question, In-Game Live Betting is the future in the sports betting industry. As lines get tighter and there is more and more information, including all of the statistical databases for the leagues now that we’re in the era of legalization, it will be harder to find edges on full-game lines. In-Game Live Betting allows … Continue reading MLB Live Betting Tips

7 months ago

Betting MLB Totals

When it comes to baseball betting, the money line is the most common bet in Major League Baseball, but the total is a close second. Also known as the over/under, the total in an MLB game is the betting odds for the combined number of runs that the two teams will score in that game. … Continue reading Betting MLB Totals

7 months ago

MLB Series Betting Tips

The Major League Baseball regular season is definitely unique compared to the rest of the pro sports leagues. Not only does the MLB schedule span 162 games, but it is the only league in which teams play their games in a series format. Every other sport seems to leave the series format to the playoffs. … Continue reading MLB Series Betting Tips

7 months ago

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