Richard Lammons

Living a life that has taken him from New Orleans to the Caribbean to Houston and now Georgia, the one thing that has been consistent is a love for sports. While becoming a professional athlete unsurprisingly didn’t work out for the Auburn Alum and former head chef at a local Moes, he has always had an interest in sports betting. It started at the horse track at a young age and has followed him through the years. With a vested interest in the SEC, NFC South, MLB, all levels of Soccer, Horse Racing, the Olympics, Golf, the National Spelling Bee, and occasionally Rugby among other events found on The Ocho, he routinely plans his time around sports. With his controlled slice, you might find him on the golf course talking about what is on the card for the day with his buddies and a 12-pack of bud light. He is a new writer whose main goal is to not suck or get fired. Find him on twitter @Rico_de_Gallo if you ever need the occasional quote or GIF from The Office.

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Have you ever looked at a game and thought “That line isn’t too bad but let me buy a half point to make it just a little bit better…it’s just a little extra for it.?”

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Home Field Advantage for college football may be one of the more difficult values to quantify as there is no singular method to correctly assign an HFA value. There are countless approaches and all have their strength and all have their flaws.

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Ever since Lincoln Riley arrived at Oklahoma, the program has had double-digit wins and they will be looking to hit that mark again in 2018, but this will be the first time his offense won’t have Baker Mayfield on the field.

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