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Dave Essler has been sharing his information and bets publicly for almost a decade. He's known as one of the most thorough handicappers there is, and provides very detailed information on the overwhelming majority of his bets. He's been featured on numerous networks, and as a Podcast veteran is always will to share what's he's learned over the years in an effort to curb learning curves for less seasoned bettors.

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College Football Week 4 Odds Betting Line Moves That Matter

Just as we did yesterday, we’re going to look at some early movement in Saturday’s CFB games and see if we can ascertain not only “why,” but where the line might go as well as where it might close. We know from experience that often times these early moves are “setup” moves, with the true position coming later in the cycle and at a better number.

2 years ago

College Football Week 3 Odds Betting Line Moves That Matter

Each week we’ve taken a late look at where some lines started and where they sit as we approach kickoff. Remember this if you’re reading markets for the first time, and that’s that it take much more money to move a line on a Friday or Saturday than it does early in the betting cycle.

2 years ago

Line Moves That Matter – College Football Week 2

Every week we’re looking at opening lines and comparing them to what we have to bet into later in the week. As is often the case, early moves matter simply because most recreational bettors do indeed wait until gameday to place their wagers. What that means is that often times the early moves are by the “sharp” bettors, either taking the absolute best of the number, or in some cases setting up a number to buy it back later at a better price.

2 years ago

History – The Predictor of the Future, Week 1 Look Back

Often times the best predictor of the future is the past, so what I’ve found helpful over the years is immediately looking back at games and trying to find anything significant we can use going forward. I’ve look at several of the Week One CFB games and here are some initial observations.

2 years ago

Line Moves That Matter – College Football Week 1

Every week we’re going to look at line moves and see what they mean, if anything. What many call a “sharp” bettor is in reality someone that gets the best number and/or beats the closing line. Here is a rundown of the Week One College Football moves, and remember some books have had lines up for months.

2 years ago

College Football QB Transfers That Matter

Every season handicappers and bettors wait, and wait, and wait to start looking in detail about what they’re actually wagering on. Many rely strictly on returning starters and what happened last season, which can be a catastrophic mistake. Don’t forget the transfers, some of which are high-profile and have the potential to have high-impact.

2 years ago

If The MLB Betting Season Ended Today

It’s almost the All-Star break and this is when teams will shake out as buyers or seller, as well as know that there season is essentially over. That can make it difficult on a short-term daily basis and for that reason we should look at the longer term options sooner rather than later.

2 years ago

Bettors Beware: College Football Preseason Rankings

It’s been my experience that bettors pay too much attention to the polls, both preseason and during the season. To be fair, often times the sportsbooks do as well and the last thing we want is to use the same information they do.

2 years ago

Your Bookie Won't Know What Hit Them!