Corey Pabst

A 2009 graduate of the Ohio State University, Corey transformed his lifelong love for College Football, the NFL, and College Basketball into a passion for Handicapping as an undergrad, and that passion has only grown. A proponent of Power Ratings, Statistical Application, and Market Analysis; he primarily employs a numbers-based approach to handicapping, but still relies heavily upon the knowledge acquired from countless hours invested – with eyes fanatically glued to the TV Screen. Just starting out as a writer, Corey’s newly found fervor is sharing his passion with the Handicapping community and hopefully adding some enjoyment to the games we love, for all those who too like the make things a little more “interesting.”

Recent Contributor News

Market Watch: Who Are the Sharps Betting? NFL Week 14

In moving on to week 14, hopefully the sharps can capitalize on some of the misleading results from last week, or at least, catch some favor from the football gods compared to that of our selected plays of last week.

4 days ago

College Football Power Ratings Plays of Week 12

In moving on to week 12, we are now only a couple of good weeks away from completing this impossible turn-around and finishing this season with a positive record for our Power Ratings Plays of the Week.

4 weeks ago

Your Bookie Won't Know What Hit Them!