Corey Pabst

A 2009 graduate of the Ohio State University, Corey transformed his lifelong love for College Football, the NFL, and College Basketball into a passion for Handicapping as an undergrad, and that passion has only grown. A proponent of Power Ratings, Statistical Application, and Market Analysis; he primarily employs a numbers-based approach to handicapping, but still relies heavily upon the knowledge acquired from countless hours invested – with eyes fanatically glued to the TV Screen. Just starting out as a writer, Corey’s newly found fervor is sharing his passion with the Handicapping community and hopefully adding some enjoyment to the games we love, for all those who too like the make things a little more “interesting.”

Recent Contributor News

The Elite Eight Betting Market Breakdown March 24, 2018

By taking a deep dive into the off-shore market, hopefully we can get a glimpse the “sharper” bets to be made on these games and give you some opportunities to add to the madness that many are already experiencing this March.

3 months ago

The Sweet 16 Betting Market Breakdown March 23, 2018

We’ll move onto Friday’s games and see what kind of information we can dig up from the off-shore betting market, whereby reading the story the market tells, hopefully we can find some remaining value.

3 months ago

The Sweet 16 Betting Market Breakdown March 22, 2018

With this article I’ll give a glimpse into the off-shore betting market for these 8 games, showing who the recreational bettors are betting, where the lines have moved, and if there is any evidence of potential sharp investment on any particular game.

3 months ago

Your Bookie Won't Know What Hit Them!