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2020 NFL Draft Odds – Over/Under Draft Positions for Offensive Players

The NFL Draft has taken on a life of its own in the betting marketplace with no NBA, no NHL, and no MLB. It was always a popular betting event because of the seemingly unending coverage in the lead-up to the first round, but a sports-starved betting populous has gone all-in.

Simple supply and demand has left us with more NFL Draft Props than ever, especially in terms of individual draft position. Lots of players are listed and many more are yet to come before the virtual draft, with players at home surrounded by family and the closest of friends and the coaches, GMs, scouts, and other front office members largely working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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These are uncharted and unique times to say the least, but the NFL has tried to perform business as close to usual as possible, including the free agent frenzy and several interesting trades while the other sports are watching the news and waiting to resume.

By the time this draft comes, bettors are going to be extended like never before on the pick selections. Make no mistake, however, there is a ton of value to be had if you follow the news, follow these teams, do your own resource into their needs and wants, and also look at some of their recent drafting histories.

Let’s take a look at the individual player draft position over/under props for offensive players with odds from 5Dimes Sportsbook, DSI Sportsbook, BetOnline Sportsbook, Bovada Sportsbook, and MyBookie Sportsbook to get a full view of the offshore betting market and see what the lines look like.

Not all of these players are listed everywhere, but we will cite the odds after each prop and encourage you to check out our reviews of those sites and also the exclusive promo codes offered here at BangTheBook.com.

Players listed alphabetically by first name.

Andrew Thomas

Over/under 10.5 (-175/135 – Bovada); 12.5 (-140/100 – BOL); 10.5 (-145/115 – 5D); 12.5 (-125/-115 – DSI)

There are a lot of potential landing spots in the top 10 for Andrew Thomas, but Mekhi Becton, Jedrick Willis Jr., and Tristan Wirfs all have the chance at coming off the board before he does. It does not seem like a stretch to see four offensive linemen in the top 12, but Thomas would likely have to go higher than Becton for this to be the case.

There are some teams that could be looking to move up and take a top offensive lineman because there is a decent drop-off after those four guys. That could allow the under to come in here. This one really looks close to call.

Austin Jackson

Over/under 25.5 (-140/100) (Bovada)

Where does Austin Jackson go? The USC offensive lineman is definitely overshadowed by the top four and then consensus #5 lineman Josh Jones from Houston. Jackson is very athletic, but also very raw. Will a team take a chance on him earlier rather than later?

This could be a trade-up situation, but Jackson should be there late in the first round for a team to package a high second and some futures if they want him. The over 25.5 does make sense here given the strength of the position for the first half of the first round and the fact that the teams further down the board are likely to prioritize more polished talent.

Brandon Aiyuk

Over/under 32.5 (-190/145) (Bovada); First Round Yes/No (160/-210 – 5D; 140/-180 BOL)

The Arizona State product is stuck behind a lot of exceptional wide receivers in a very deep class. Like some of the others, 5Dimes lists Aiyuk as a first rounder at +160 with -210 on No. BetOnline has the No at -180 and Yes at +140.

He’s a talented player, but probably not a first-rounder given the talent in this year’s crop.

CeeDee Lamb

Over/under 12.5 (-130/-110 – Bovada); 12.5 (-105/-125 – 5D); 12.5 (-120/-120 – BOL, DSI, & MyBookie)

In the defense-optional Big 12, CeeDee Lamb wreaked havoc. In the NFL, how will he fare? That is a question that a LOT of NFL evaluators are asking. Lamb is a big, strong, slippery, elusive player in a draft that is very heavy on wide receivers. Lamb could very well be the first wide receiver drafted.

Teams don’t lose a lot of speed opting for Lamb over Henry Ruggs III or Jerry Jeudy. They also get a bigger receiver in Lamb. I would have to think he’s the first WR taken and somebody is going to be eager to get him. I’d roll with the under here.

D’Andre Swift

Over/under 31.5 (-115/-125 – Bovada); First round Yes/No (-140/100 – 5D, BOL); 30.5 (-120/-120 – DSI)

Isn’t it crazy to think that we could go the entire first round without a running back? If it isn’t Swift in the first round, it could be Ohio State’s JK Dobbins. But, the expectation is that the Georgia product will be the first RB off the board. There are some teams at the bottom of the first round that could use an upgrade at running back, like Miami or Seattle.

Honestly, I’d lean towards the no or the over on Swift. Somebody may take a back, but with backs that have other skill sets projected to go mid second round, Swift could be a guy that falls.

Henry Ruggs III

Over/under 14.5 (115/-155 – Bovada; 105/-135 – 5D; 120/-160 – BOL); 15 (-110/-130 – DSI)

The Alabama speedster is going to be a popular target on draft day. He’s also right in the sweet spot where teams like to move up. Going from the 20s to the upper 10s usually doesn’t cost a lot and teams that have Ruggs at the top of the draft board are not going to hesitate. That is why we see so much under juice on Ruggs being a top-15 pick.

This draft is deep with receiver talent, but we’re almost talking about generational speed with Ruggs and some GM is sure to lose his ish to get him. Somebody will likely trade up for Ruggs and scoop him just outside the top 10, if not even in the top 10.

Jacob Eason

Over/under 47.5 (-120/-120 – Bovada)

Bovada is the only one offering odds on Jacob Eason, but it is worth pointing out that scouts and draftniks have recently been talking about the arm strength. That is usually a sign of some buzz from somewhere.

On the other hand, some mocks are looking at Eason as a third-round pick, even though he’s listed as the best QB behind Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jordan Love. We’ve certainly seen teams reach for quarterbacks in the past. I still think it would be a surprise if he goes in the first half of the second round, given that the really QB-needy teams will have already taken one of the top four.

Over is the way to look here.

Jake Fromm

Over/under 59.5 (-135/-105 – Bovada)

Once again, the same theory applies here. Fromm looks like a guy with a backup ceiling at best. You don’t take that in the first two rounds. Over 59.5 looks pretty easy here.

Jalen Hurts

Over/under 69.5 (120/-160 – Bovada)

Everybody wants to find the next Lamar Jackson, right? That dual-threat QB that you can tailor an offense around and give the opposition fits. Is that going to lead to Jalen Hurts getting overdrafted?

Let’s be honest here. If I’m looking at Hurts, it’s as something other than a QB. Maybe it’s a Taysom Hill kind of role, though he’s not as big. Some sort of hybrid role where you can incorporate a handful of gadget players.

That’s still not something you take in the first two rounds and teams with top 10 picks in the third round are going to have greater needs. You can draft interior linemen to start for you in that range. Hurts is likely to go later than this, despite the heavy juice on the under.

That being said, “Which round” props for Hurts are showing the shortest prices in the second and third rounds. Maybe somebody smarter than me knows something.

Jedrick Wills

Over/under 10.5 (140/-180 – Bovada; 145/-175 – 5D; 150/-200 – BOL); 9.5 (-145/105 – DSI)

There are some very good linemen in this class, but Jedrick Wills looks like the first one off the board. There are teams in the first 10 picks that really need offensive linemen. DSI seems to be offering a really good price on the under at plus money.

Jerry Jeudy

Over/under 11.5 (-155/115 – Bovada; -170/140 – 5D); 12.5 (130/-170 – BOL; -110/-130 – DSI)

Jerry Jeudy is right there with Alabama teammate Henry Ruggs III and CeeDee Lamb in the fight to be the first WR taken. Jeudy is slightly slower than Ruggs, but a better route runner. Lamb is the most polished physical product. All three of these guys project to go in similar spots in the upper teens. The discrepancies in lines is pretty interesting here, with over juice on 11.5 and under juice on 12.5.

Maybe he splits the difference and falls right at 12. This is one of the tougher players to nail down because it will all be about preference for the teams eyeing a WR.

Jordan Love

Over/under 17.5 (-135/-105 – Bovada; -250/190 – 5D); 19.5 (-125/-115 – BOL); 13.5 (-125/-115 – DSI)

Is DSI trying to entice some new depositors with this prop? It sure looks like it, doesn’t it? Maybe you should take advantage and go bet over 13.5 on Jordan Love. The promo code BTB200 could come in real handy here.

This is a big gap between the other two books that are out there to say the least. You could even bet over 13.5 at DSI and under 19.5 at 5Dimes and have picks 14-19 at your disposal.

Justin Herbert

Over/under 5.5 (-230/160 – Bovada; -205/165 – 5D; -200/150 – BOL; -200/150 – MB); 6 (-120/-120 – DSI)

Justin Herbert is expected to go off the board pretty early, but maybe not as early as some people think. The juice is extremely heavy on over 5.5. Realistically speaking, where does he go? If the Chargers don’t want him, and it appears that they don’t, Herbert’s only landing spot would appear to be Jacksonville.

If Jacksonville doesn’t take Herbert, the freefall is on until somebody trades up to take him. Maybe he falls in the laps of the New England Patriots in one way or another. All that looks certain is that he will not be a top-five pick.

Justin Jefferson

Over/under 21.5 (100/-140 – Bovada; -115/-115 – 5D; -110/-130 – BOL) 23.5 (-110/-130 – DSI)

National Championship Game hero Justin Jefferson is a tier below the Lamb-Ruggs-Jeudy triumvirate, but he is a lanky WR that projects well in the slot and can also be a threat on the outside. There are a lot of creative offenses in the second half of the first round that can use a guy like that.

Jefferson’s draft position is a little tough to peg. There are a lot of teams just after the midpoint of the first round that will be picking for a second time. Do they go in his direction? Does a more established team take him in the mid-20s?

I’d have to look over at the current numbers with Jefferson, who did have a nice combine, but the teams seeking WRs will have already gotten theirs.

Mekhi Becton

Over/under 8.5 (-120/-120 – Bovada; -130/100 – 5D; -130/-110 – BOL); 7.5 (-140/100 – DSI)

Mekhi Becton is a man. He’s a 365-pound man that can run a 5.1 40. Is that good enough to be taken in the top 10? A lot of that depends on who trades out and who comes in. There are several teams that could use linemen like this one, but they pick right around 10th and 11th in Cleveland and the Jets.

Becton may just fall victim to a numbers game. It doesn’t say anything about his upside or potential. Just that he won’t be the first OL taken and will probably be the third or fourth OL taken. That means you fall down the board a bit.

For more on the individual over/under position props, check out our look at the Defensive Players.

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