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2020 NFL Draft Odds – Over/Under Draft Positions for Defensive Players

NFL Draft interest is at an all-time high because there isn’t a whole lot to be interested in this spring. Of course, the NFL Draft always draws a lot of interest, but this year’s level of intrigue is off the charts based on what has been happening worldwide.

It helps that the NFL has kept some semblance of a normal schedule by starting free agency pretty much on time and by staying in the public eye as much as possible, particularly among the mainstream media sites starving to put out content.

As a result, we have so many individual player draft position props that we had to break them up into offensive players and defensive players. That is just one part of our comprehensive NFL Draft coverage at BangTheBook.com and we’ll be doing a lot of draft talk on BangTheBook Radio as well.

Let’s take a look at the individual player draft position over/under props for defensive players with odds from 5Dimes Sportsbook, DSI Sportsbook, BetOnline Sportsbook, Bovada Sportsbook, and MyBookie Sportsbook to get a full view of the offshore betting market and see what the lines look like.

Not all of these players are listed everywhere, but we will cite the odds after each prop and encourage you to check out our reviews of those sites and also the exclusive promo codes offered here at BangTheBook.com.

Players listed alphabetically by first name.

AJ Epenesa

Over/under 32.5 (185/-280) (Bovada)

The edge rusher from Iowa is only listed at Bovada with an exact over/under line. BetOnline asks “Will AJ Epenesa be a first-round pick?” with the Yes at -250 and the No at +170.

Mock drafts have Epenesa right on the cusp of being in the first round, but the odds suggest that he will be based on the action we’ve seen thus far. In today’s NFL, teams are willing to overdraft pass rushers, so Epenesa could very well go early.

AJ Terrell

Over/under 32.5 (-125/-115) (Bovada) First Round Yes/No (-115/-125 – 5D; -105/-135 – BOL)

Like the Epenesa odds, both BetOnline and 5Dimes have “Will AJ Terrell be a first-round pick?” BOL lists -135 on the No and 5Dimes has -125. The junior from Clemson is a top-five defensive back in this year’s draft per most analysts and that would normally be enough to get him into the first round.

This year, we’re not as sure, but it looks like opinions in the market lean more towards no than yes, or over rather than under.

CJ Henderson

Over/under 16.5 (100/-140 – Bovada); 16.5 (105/-135 – 5Dimes); 16.5 (100/-140 – BOL); 17.5 (-115/-115 – DSI)

One weakness in this year’s draft is at cornerback. CJ Henderson is a distant second behind Jeffrey Okudah, but looks to be the second-best cornerback over guys like Trevon Diggs, Kristian Fulton, and AJ Terrell.

Teams always need cover corners. Whether or not the teams between the Lions and the Cowboys, who pick 17th, need a corner remains to be seen. Based on the odds, it looks like he won’t be around when Dallas picks, as the under 16.5 is juiced across the board. Under 17.5 (-115) at DSI looks like a good bet if we read the market.

Derrick Brown

Over/under 8.5 (-170/130 – Bovada; -160/130 – 5D; -130/110 – BOL); 7.5 (-160/120 – DSI)

The big cog in the middle of the Auburn defensive line is the top DL on the board. Normally, that would make him a lock to go as a top-10 pick. That may not fully be the case this year. The most likely landing spot is 7 to Carolina, but the Panthers are in a strong position to trade back. If they don’t take him, he’s falling from the top 10, which is what the over juice implies here.

Grant Delpit

Over/under 32.5 (-150/110 – Bovada); First Round Yes/No (120/-160 – 5D; 150/-200 – BOL); 34.5 (-115/-125 – DSI)

It seems to be a sharp position to sell the stock of Grant Delpit. Delpit is a tremendous talent, but health, durability, and tackling are all questions heading into the draft. Some mocks don’t even have Delpit going in the top 50. Over 34.5 at DSI looks like a great bet given how his stock has fallen.

Isaiah Simmons

Over/under 6.5 (150/-200 – Bovada; 150/-200 – BOL; -105/-135 – DSI; 130/-170 – MB); 7.5 (195/-255 – 5D)

No idea why 5D is hanging 7.5 with the rest of the market at a much more competitive 6.5. Quite frankly, this could even be lower. Simmons is a borderline top-five pick. He plays all over the field and was a standout on a Clemson defense simply loaded with talent.

I think Simmons will be a guy with a ton of helium on draft day. I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if he’s a top five pick. Most of these lines are cost-prohibitive, but that -135 on the under at DSI looks pretty attractive.

Javon Kinlaw

Over/under 13.5 (-120/-120 – Bovada; -120/-120 – DSI); 15.5 (170/-215 – 5D; 150/-200 – BOL)

Javon Kinlaw is a man. His highlight reel tape is really good. He stood out for a marginal South Carolina team. This is the type of player that gets draft day helium. He may weigh 324 pounds, but he can get to the quarterback with inside pressure and that makes him a real hard player to deal with. To me, Kinlaw profiles as a guy that teams move up to take.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of players ahead of him that have superstar potential. I think he could be a superstar at his position, but that isn’t a position that gets as much love as the others ahead of him.

My guess? Kinlaw goes 14th or later and a lot of teams regret it.

Jeffrey Okudah

Over/under 4.5 (105/-145 – Bovada; -140/110 – 5D; -120/-120 – BOL; -135/-105 – DSI; -115/-125 – MB)

A trade down from the Detroit Lions could be in the cards and that may be why Jeff Okudah’s draft position suddenly looks like it could be outside of the top five. Okudah to the Lions at #3 makes way too much sense for a team that has systematically taken apart its secondary.

But, if that pick becomes a trade-up for somebody to take Tua Tagovailoa, the Giants are unlikely to take Okudah at 4, as they need offensive line help badly.

The closer we get to the draft, the more clarity we get with the Tua situation. Okudah’s juice may just keep climbing. For now, over 4.5 at plus money at Bovada isn’t a bad bet at all.

Kenneth Murray

Over/under 21.5 (-135/-105 – Bovada); 19.5 (-260/200 – 5D); 20.5 (-160/120 – BOL); 24.5 (-110/-130 – DSI)

The lines are all over the place for Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray. The speedster should be a Week 1 starter for the team that takes him and this draft is not deep on linebacker talent. And, yet, he’s projected to be going pretty late in the first round.

This is another one where it really is about team need. Every team can use linebackers, but where do they fall on the priority pecking order? I really don’t know. This is one that could happen at any time after the first half of the first round.

K’Lavon Chaisson

Over/under 16.5 (-130/-110 – Bovada; -145/115 – 5D; -150/110 – BOL); 17.5 (-120/-120 – DSI)

Klavon Chaisson feels like the type of player that also gets a lot of helium on draft day. He has the chance to be an elite pass rusher and there are a lot of teams that would be excited to acquire his services.

Atlanta at 16 makes a ton of sense here. That would be the under based on the odds that are out there. Athletic pass rushers are all the rage on the defensive side in the NFL and with good reason. Somebody will take Chaisson higher than expected.

For more on the individual over/under position props, check out our look at the Offensive Players.

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