2020 LEC Spring Split Betting Preview


As usual, the LEC title is a two-horse race. G2 Esports and Fnatic have dominated European League of Legends since the inception of the LEC in 2013. They have combined to win 13 of the 14 split titles awarded over the past seven years, with Fnatic winning seven times and G2 winning six times. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that those two organizations are hefty favorites to win the 2020 LEC Spring Split per the League of Legends betting odds.

2020 LEC Spring Split Betting Odds (Courtesy of BetOnline)

G2 Esports -167
Fnatic +400
Origen +1200
MAD Lions +1800
Team Vitality +2100
Rogue +2100
Schalke 04 +2600
Misfits Gaming +3400
Excel Esports +4000
SK Gaming +5000

G2 Esports were the best team in the history of Europe last year. They became the first European team to win a major international event when they claimed the Mid-Season Invitational by besting SK Telecom T1 and Team Liquid, and they made it to the World Championship Finals before falling to FunPlus Phoenix.

After such an incredible year, G2 Esports made no changes in the offseason. They have arguably the best player at every position in Europe, and that gives them unparalleled versatility. G2 can win through any or all three lanes, and Perkz’ ability to play mages, assassins, or traditional AD Carries in the bottom lane gives this team huge advantages in terms of draft composition and strategy.

Caps is an electrifying mid laner with a deep champion pool that can succeed on almost any champion, and Jankos is the most creative jungler in the region. Top laner Wunder and support Mikyx are arguably the best Western players at their positions too, so it would take letdown seasons from multiple players for G2 to not repeat as LEC champions. They were pushed to a Game 5 by Fnatic twice last year, but as close as that series looked on paper, it wasn’t that close if you watched the games.

If any team is going to knock off G2, it will almost certainly be their long-time nemesis in Fnatic. Fnatic have been G2’s foil for years, and they are bringing back four of their five starters from last year, including Nemesis. The team’s new mid laner improved dramatically as the season progressed, and his ability to play well on assassins in the mid lane opened up options for Fnatic.

There are a lot of concerns for the seven-time champions though. While Selfmade is one of the top up and coming junglers in the region, the loss of Broxah can’t be understated. Broxah was the glue that held this team together for nearly three years, and he will be missed. Additionally, head coach Youngbuck left to join Excel Esports, and Mithy will be Fnatic’s new coach. Mithy was a world-class support for a few seasons, but he is untested as a coach.

Rekkles is not the player he used to be either. He has lost a little bit of his skill after years of being the best AD Carry in Europe by a mile, and the game has moved away from his strengths. Bottom laners need to be more versatile and must adapt in the current meta, but Rekkles continues to play the same five to seven champions he has throughout his career. Fnatic’s continued success is a testament to both his and the team’s talent, but that will keep them from winning it all.

Origen have the next lowest odds on the board, and I actually prefer their chances of winning to Fnatic’s, so I love the 12-1 that you can currently find at BetOnline. Nukeduck is one of the top mid laners in the region, and they surrounded him with real talent in the offseason. Xerxe has been one of the best junglers in Europe for the last two years, and Upset is the next great bottom laner to come out of this region.

The concerns are in the top lane and at support, but the price is right for Origen at 12-1. Alphari has been very consistent in the top lane over the course of his career, and Origen added Hiiva just in case OPL transfer Destiny doesn’t work out alongside Upset.

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