2020 LCS Spring Split Week 5 Betting Preview


There is Cloud9 and everyone else in North America. C9 has turned the LCS Spring Split into a laugher with a record of 8-0, and they are three games ahead of the teams tied for second place. They are closing out games quickly, finishing opponents off in just a bit over 30 minutes per tracking website Games of Legends, and their GDM of 428 is by far the largest margin in the league. No other team has a GDM higher than 6, illustrating C9’s dominance. This team will close out the first round robin against last place Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday before facing 5-3 Immortals in the Game of the Week on Sunday.

2020 LCS Spring Split Week 5 Betting Odds (Courtesy of BookMaker)

Team Liquid -230
Evil Geniuses +179

Broxah has made Liquid better, but this team will need at least a couple weeks to develop chemistry. Liquid went 1-1 last week with a loss to Immortals and a win over CLG in their first week with the star jungler. In the loss to Immortals, Liquid only picked up one kill as former Liquid jungler Xmithie took over the game.

Liquid have fixed their other big problem too. Although star AD Carry Doublelift stated that he thinks Senna is a poor champion, the team selected Senna in four of its first six matches. Liquid failed to win any of those games, and this team is 3-1 when Doublelift is on any other champion.

Evil Geniuses are led by their bottom lane. Bang and Zeyzal both have a KDA over 5.0, but the rest of the team has struggled. Jiizuke hasn’t fared too poorly in the mid lane considering the matchups he likes to take, but Kumo has been bad in the top lane and Svenskeren is struggling in the jungle. That’s why I’ll lay the chalk with Liquid on Sunday.

Cloud9 -495
Immortals +348

In the first meeting between these two teams, C9 demolished Immortals thanks to an outstanding performance from Zven on Senna. He picked up seven kills and six assists without a death as Immortals’ unorthodox composition failed to deliver. Zven has been the best player in North America this year with a 48.5 KDA, and he and Vulcan should have a big advantage over Altec and Hakuho.

Reapered continues to show why he is the best coach in the region, but Immortals have caught teams off guard with their interesting drafts. They have marched to the beat of their own drum with their emphasis in draft, and that has helped them get an advantage despite being one of the least talented teams in North America. I’m tempted to take Immortals for that reason at this price, but I don’t have too much faith in top laner Soaz or mid laner Eika.

100 Thieves -160
Golden Guardians +127

It was a rough week for 100 Thieves. The Thieves made a massive mistake in pick and ban against Dignitas, allowing their opponents to take both Ornn and Soraka, and they only managed to pick up one kill and one tower in their game against FlyQuest. They are hoping to shrug off both losses last week against Golden Guardians, and they should be able to pick up a win against the Guardians although they are 4-4.

Golden Guardians have largely benefitted from other teams’ mistakes. This team is still a work in progress as Keith adapts to the support role, and they can’t vary their play style too much. FBI has been strong in the bottom lane, but it won’t be enough to pick up the win on Sunday.

FlyQuest -250
Counter Logic Gaming +194

CLG have been the worst team in the league through the first four weeks of the season. They have not lived up to their brand, and that has led to the team deciding to bench Crown this weekend. He is being replaced by Pobelter, and the veteran mid laner is known for making his teammates better with his play.

While this team should improve with the addition of Pobelter, it’s hard to go against FlyQuest at this price. PowerOfEvil is playing very well in the mid lane, and V1per is showing everyone that he can bully weaker lane opponents. WildTurtle’s dependence on new AD Carries thus far is a little worrisome, but I don’t see CLG taking advantage of his tendencies.