2020 LCS Spring Split Week 3 Betting Preview


The reigning champions of North America have had a tough start to the season. Team Liquid are 2-2 with losses to Cloud9 and Dignitas, but there is a reason to celebrate if you’re a TL fan. Broxah’s visa issues have finally been resolved, and the superstar jungler is expected to join Liquid next week. The lack of a solid jungler has really hurt Liquid through their first four games, so the addition of Broxah should give this squad a huge boost even if the chemistry isn’t there immediately. That will make Liquid the team to beat in the LCS once again even though Cloud9 are currently undefeated.

2020 LCS Spring Split Week 3 Betting Odds (Courtesy of Bookmaker)

Evil Geniuses -160
Counter Logic Gaming +128

Evil Geniuses are not as bad as their record indicates. The Geniuses only have a -77 GDM despite being 1-3, and they have a very good bottom lane. Bang and Zeyzal have been superb through two weeks, and Bang has an 11.3 KDA per Games of Legends, while Zeyzal has a 4.8 KDA despite playing Tahm Kench in three of four games. The issue has been top laner Kumo and mid laner Jiizuke. Both players are being caught out and killed on their own far too often in the first four games.

CLG’s bottom lane has not fared well. Stixxay and Smoothie are two members of the old guard, but they have had a rough go of it early in the year. Smoothie is swinging and missing despite picking engage champions, accounting for just 6.8 percent of his team’s damage despite having two games of Leona, and Stixxay’s decision to stick with Senna has been questioned as the champion has fallen out of favor across the globe. Their issues will take longer to resolve, so Evil Geniuses are the play.

Team Liquid -305
100 Thieves +231

Liquid are too big of a favorite given that Shernfire will be the jungler for one more week. His inability to get things going in the early game has limited the ways that Liquid can play, and Doublelift has been a little underwhelming too. He might not be the undisputed best bottom laner in the region any longer, and it’s been Jensen and Impact that have been doing the heavy lifting for Liquid through the first two weeks.

The Thieves are still a work in progress, but PapaSmithy’s decision to bring in Ryoma from the OPL to play mid lane for this squad is paying off. Ryoma is playing well while learning on the fly, and he has been the biggest damage dealer on the team. We haven’t seen Ryoma be too hesitant or get caught out too much, and he has complimented Cody Sun very well. That makes the Thieves worth a flier at this price.

Team SoloMid -145
Dignitas +116

The only reason that TSM are favored in this game is because of the brand. Dignitas have been a much stronger team this season, as Johnsun has flourished since becoming a starting bottom laner. Former TSM jungler Grig is now on Dignitas and will be out to get revenge on his former team as current jungler Dardoch has a paltry 1.9 KDA. TSM styled on two of the worst teams in the league last week, but that doesn’t mask the inherent problems with this squad as their map control hasn’t been strong.

Cloud9 -268
FlyQuest +206

Through the first two weeks of the Spring Split, there’s no denying that Cloud9 are the best team in North America. C9 have a gaudy GDM advantage of close to 400, and bottom laner Zven has been the best player in the LCS. Zven has 18 wins, 33 assists, and no deaths on two games of Aphelion and two games of Senna, and Vulcan has proven to be an excellent support partner for him.

Licorice and Nisqy are playing great too, and Reapered continues to give C9 advantages in the draft. FlyQuest has a very good mid laner in PowerOfEvil and V1per is unstoppable on Riven, but C9 can play around those win conditions to move to 5-0 on Saturday afternoon.