Updated 2019 NCAA Football Championship Odds


To the shock of nobody, Alabama and Clemson are the top two choices to win the 2019 college football championship, with the usual assortment of characters also in the hunt. Odds are likely to start moving towards the end of July and early August when people turn their attention to football a little bit more.

Odds are posted on every team at 5Dimes, but unless you graduated from UNLV there’s absolutely no sense in placing a wager on the Runnin’ Rebels, even if they are at 9,999 to 1 odds. You’re throwing your money away and even if they were to go undefeated, which they won’t, they’d get dinged enough in strength of schedule to prevent them from being one of the four playoff teams.

A little surprising to see Alabama favored slightly over Clemson, but the difference in price is minimal and you can’t blame the sportsbooks for having the Tide on top, as they’re slightly more of a public team than the Tigers.

One thing I do like to do is leave teams in their original order, which lets you have a better idea of what a team was expected to do and whether they are trending upward or downward.

We’ll look at the odds from 5Dimes as of Aug. 24.

The Favorites
Alabama +225
Clemson +240
Georgia +750
Ohio State +1400
Michigan +1400
Oklahoma +1500
Texas +2500
Oregon +3300
LSU +3000

There was no change in the top three compared to our first look at the college football championship odds at the end of June, as Alabama, Clemson and Georgia still hold down the top three spots and deserving so. The Ohio State Buckeyes saw their odds climb from +1000 to +1400, which put them into a tie with fellow Big Ten foe Michigan. Texas was also on the wrong end of a decent-sized move, seeing their odds go from +2000 to +2500.

Worth a Look
Florida +5500
Penn State +10000
Utah +4500
Auburn +6000
BYU +5000
Notre Dame +6500
Texas A&M +10000
Washington +5000
Nebraska +6600
Miami Florida +10000
Stanford +20000

There was a fair amount of movement in this group, with a number of teams seeing a decent increase in their odds, such as Florida, who went from 35-to-1 to 55-to-1, Penn State, who went from +4000 all the way up to +10000. The Washington Huskies received a little bit of action and saw their odds move from +8000 to +5000.

The Outsiders
Wisconsin +10000
Miss. State +15000
Florida State +25000
Wash. State +15000
USC +15000
Iowa +30000
Memphis +50000
Virginia Tech +35000
TCU +25000
Baylor +25000

Pretty much all increases here, as teams like Florida State saw their odds double, while Memphis took a huge hit and is now all the way to +50000.

Army +20000
Buffalo +75000
Oak. State +25000
UCLA +35000
Syracuse +35000
Purdue +35000
SMU +50000

While most of the teams in this tier saw their odds climb, with somebody like Buffalo seeing their odds shoot up dramatically, Oklahoma State and Army actually saw their odds decrease.

Extreme Longshots
Rutgers +500000
Temple +35000
Tennessee +60000
South Carolina +60000
South Florida +30000

Southern Miss. +75000
Utah State +750000
Toledo +75000
Tulsa +75000
Virginia +55000

West Virginia +100000
Wyoming +75000
UAB +75000
Western Mich. +750000
New Mexico +75000
North Texas +75000
Northern Ill. +75000

Minnesota U +100000
Kansas State +100000
Marshall +750000
Boise State +125000
Central Florida +10000
Houston +125000

As Central Florida has proven, the majority of these teams won’t advance to the playoffs regardless of what they do on the field, but that didn’t stop a few people of wagering on the Knights, as they dropped from 500-to-1 down to 100-to-1. But the majority of these teams saw their odds increase as sportsbooks are looking for any wagers on them, but no matter the odds, people aren’t in any hurry to wager on a team that realistically has no chance of winning the title.


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