2019 League of Legends KeSPA Cup Betting Preview

League of Legends KeSPA Cup

The KeSPA Cup is the first opportunity to see the new LCK rosters for 2020. Every team has made some major changes, and we will see the early returns of each team’s efforts in this competition. The first round will last from December 23 to December 27, and all but four teams will take part. DAMWON Gaming, T1, SANDBOX Gaming, and Griffin earned byes into the quarterfinals due to their results throughout the season, so they won’t play until next week.

2019 League of Legends KeSPA Cup Betting Odds (Courtesy of BetOnline)

DAMWON Gaming +170
Gen.G +210
T1 +450
DragonX +700
SANDBOX Gaming +800
Griffin +1200
Hanwha Life Esports +1600
KT Rolster +2500
Afreeca Freecs +4000
Team Dynamics +8000
GC Busan Ascension +8000
APK Prince +10000
Jin Air Green Wings +10000
Ulsan +15000
Rockhead +15000
Brion Blade +15000
Chungnam +20000
Spear Gaming +20000
Asura +20000
ESC Ever +20000

DAMWON Gaming is the favorite because this is the one team that didn’t change anything in the offseason. After taking a huge step forward and making Worlds, the organization kept everyone together with eyes on winning the LCK in 2020.

Nuguri and ShowMaker are two of the best laners in the world, and Canyon is an incredible jungler. Nuclear and BeryL make a solid bottom lane duo, and this team should be much better with some seasoning. They may be the most talented team on an individual skill level, but their understanding of the macro is a problem at times. While they are the deserved favorite, it’s hard to bet them at these odds.

Gen.G are the second favorite despite having to play in the first round. The addition of Clid in the jungle has made them an instant contender in the eyes of many, but this team still needs to improve in the top lane and in support. Life has an apt name for a support, but he was caught out of place far too often this season, and he needs to improve. Rascal has had issues in the top lane too, so I’ll avoid taking Gen.G at this price.

T1 are tempting to take at this price, but the most successful organization in the LCK has never won the KeSPA Cup. Their official roster hasn’t been announced for this competition yet since they don’t play until next week, but they will be one of the favorites if Faker and Teddy play. Faker has taken part in the last two KeSPA Cups, and he will probably be on the roster for this event with T1 starting new players at top lane and in the jungle in 2020. That makes T1 a great bet at +450.

DragonX is a tempting pick at +700 even though they play in the first round. They added former Griffin coach cvMax and made the best signing of the offseason when they acquired Chovy too. Deft remains one of the better AD Carries in the game, but the other three positions are big question marks as Pyosik and keria are unproven, and top laner Doran only saw limited action with Griffin. If any coach can figure it out quickly, it’s cvMax though, so 7-1 is a nice price.

The surprise team of 2019 was SANDBOX. They had the longest odds to win the LCK at the start of the year, but they continued to surprise with a hodgepodge team that just happened to click. SANDBOX is still being underestimated even though they brought four of five starters back, and they will be out to win the KeSPA Cup with a new bottom laner.

OnFleek is a very creative jungler that can get the snowball rolling, and Summit is a solid top laner. They have the misfortune of playing Griffin in the quarterfinals after an interesting draw, but Griffin isn’t the same superpower we saw last year. That makes SANDBOX potentially worth a play.

It’s a shame that Griffin couldn’t win a major title before splitting up. Half of last year’s team departed in November with Chovy, Legends, and Doran leaving alongside cvMax. Griffin brought back Rather after loaning him to the LMS last year, but there is still a major problem in top lane with Sword. His play was so poor that Griffin had to play around him, and it’s a wonder he is still on the team.


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