2018 Big 12 Conference College Basketball Power Ratings


We’ll stick with the powerhouse conferences, as we work our way through all 33 college basketball Divison I conferences and then we’ll just list all the updated power ratings and AOPR numbers in one article after we get through all of the conferences, which should be the middle of next week.

The Big 12 is another solid conference, although they haven’t quite lived up to preseason expectations, as USA Today’s Jeff Sagarin had them as the toughest conference before the season started and right now they don’t compare with the Big 10 or the ACC. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of talent in the Big 12, but so far Kansas is about the only team who has held its end of the bargain, with other teams like West Virginia really struggling, at least when compared to preseason expectations.

Big 12 Conference Power Ratings
Kansas 95
Texas Tech 91
Iowa State 89
Oklahoma 86
Kansas State 85
Texas 84
West Virginia 84
TCU 83
Oklahoma State 80
Baylor 79

Big 12 Conference Two-Tiered Ratings
Kansas 84 – 1 AOPR 79
Texas Tech 77 – (-19) AOPR 63
Iowa State 80 – (-12) AOPR 70
Oklahoma 75 – (-7) AOPR 77
Kansas State 73 – (-14) AOPR 67
Texas 72 – (-7) AOPR 73
West Virginia 83 – 1 AOPR 72
TCU 76 – (-9) AOPR 67
Oklahoma State 74 – (-4) AOPR 76
Baylor 74 – (-8) AOPR 64

For a more detailed explanation of how to use the two-tiered power ratings in college sports, see Using Two-Tiered Power Ratings in College Sports.

Really, Texas Tech? The Raiders are another team that should be embarrassed to be playing the schedule they have so far, and while it’s helped them wrack up plenty of victories and helped them inch up a little bit in the power ratings, it’s probably made them a little bit over-priced. Iowa State’s body of work is a bit more impressive when you factor in everything, and the same can be said for Oklahoma, who at least has played some decent teams along the way. The Sooners could be primed to take a jump up, as being predicted to finish around seventh in the conference before the season started has likely impacted its power rating a little bit and there’s no reason the Red Raiders are rated five points higher than the Sooners.

The Mountainers were predicted to be a top 15 team by some before the season started, but they’ve been a huge disappointment so far. There’s plenty of season left for them to redeem themselves, but there’s no reason for them to be losing to the likes of Buffalo or Western Kentucky.

The Longhorns are another team that has underachieved so far, at least when compared to what was expected of them before the season began.