2018 Atlantic Coast Conference College Basketball Power Ratings


We now jump to one of the powerhouse conferences in our run through the power ratings, as we’ll look at the Atlantic Coast Conference, one of the top three conferences in the country, right up there with the Big Ten and Big 12.

Atlantic Coast Conference Power Ratings
Duke 100
Virginia 97
North Carolina 94
Virginia Tech 93
Florida State 89
Syracuse 88
Clemson 86
Louisville 85
Miami, Fla. 84
Notre Dame 81
Georgia Tech 80
Boston College 78
Pittsburgh 75
Wake Forest 71

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Atlantic Coast Conference Two-Tiered Ratings
Duke 94 – (-8) AOPR 78
Virginia 75 – (-24) AOPR 64
North Carolina 93 – 0 AOPR 69
Virginia Tech 81 – (-16) AOPR 73
Florida State 78 – (-7) AOPR 76
Syracuse 72 – (-15) AOPR 70
Clemson 74 – (-9) AOPR 69
Louisville 83 – 0 AOPR 77
Miami, Fla. 78 – (-5) AOPR 71
Notre Dame 78 – (-6) AOPR 66
Georgia Tech 70 – (-13) AOPR 70
Boston College 78 – (-3) AOPR 65
Pittsburgh 78 – (-9) AOPR 61
Wake Forest 76 – 2 AOPR 64

For a more detailed explanation of how to use the two-tiered power ratings in college sports, see Using Two-Tiered Power Ratings in College Sports.

Some serious defense is being played in the ACC to begin the season, as just Wake Forest allows more points than the average score of 74, while North Carolina and Louisville allow the average number of points, while scoring a fair amount more.

One team who could be expected to improve on its power rating is Georgia Tech, which has solid numbers in the two-tiered power ratings, but ranks near the bottom of the traditional ratings. They’ve held their own against decent competition, but the same can be said for a number of other schools in the ACC. They may show improvement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that will lead to more victories once conference play begins.

One team who may be due for a slight fall is North Carolina State, as the Wolfpack has played an embarrassing early schedule that is one of the five easiest in college basketball so far. They played Wisconsin decent in their lone road game of the season, losing by four as six-point underdogs, but Wisconsin would probably be the fifth or sixth best team in the ACC.

There has been a fair amount of shuffling from the preseason rankings, but even a team like Syracuse, who was ranked in the top four of the conference before the season started is still in the top 30 of the country despite being sixth in the conference, while Virginia Tech has climbed from No. 6 to No. 4, so there really isn’t a great difference between a lot of teams, which should make for some excellent conference games.