2018 America East College Basketball Power Ratings


It’s time to begin with our college basketball power ratings and we’ll start with the America East Conference, which hasn’t quite lived up to expectations so far this season. Expected to be the 25th-best conference at the start of the year, it is now 28th, with Vermont the lone team to be hovering around the top 100 teams in the country.

America East Power Ratings
Vermont 79
Stony Brook 73
Hartford 67
Albany 66
UMass-Lowell 66
Maine 63
Binghamton 63
New Hampshire 58

America East Two-Tiered Ratings
Vermont 77 – (-5) AOPR 75
Stony Brook 77 – (-4) AOPR 69
UMBC 67 – (-12) AOPR 66
Hartford 67 74 – 1 AOPR 70
Albany 67 71 – 0 AOPR 65
UMass-Lowell 66 80 – 8 AOPR 68
Maine 63 59 – (-2) AOPR 73
Binghamton 63 73 – 0 AOPR 66
New Hampshire 58 70 – 2 AOPR 71

For a more detailed explanation of how to use the two-tiered power ratings in college sports, see Using Two-Tiered Power Ratings in College Sports.

Vermont is the class on the conference, which is evident in both sets of ratings and they’ve played the toughest competition of all the teams in the conference. Looking at the two-tiered ratings also gives a bit of an indication regarding teams that may be expected to improve as the season goes on or teams that are playing a little better than expected right now.

Albany may be getting a little too much respect right now, as they are being outscored by three points a game and have played a pretty soft schedule. They were eight points behind Vermont in preseason numbers, but haven’t lived up to expectations so far.

Hartford could be due for a bit of an increase, as they are being outscored by one point and have played a respectable schedule, at least compared to the other teams in the conference. Hartford has also dropped off a little bit from the preseason, where they were expected to be in the top three, although a little ways behind Vermont.

Maine is a team that could be in trouble as the season goes on. They are being outscored by 13 points a game and even though they’ve played a fairly tough slate, at least by America East standards, scoring 59 points a game is a bit of a concern for any team.

New Hampshire may not be quite as bad as their power rating suggests. They’ve been outscored by six points a game but they have played a tougher schedule than the majority of teams in the conference, but their 1-6 ATS record is a little concerning. Still, they may start to become a little undervalued in the near future.