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If you’re coming to Las Vegas for a special sporting event or to watch your favorite team compete in the play-offs, it’s important to realize that not all sports books are created equal. Some are smoky old school, some are swanky hi-tech marvels, some get packed with exuberant fans and others are a quiet oasis tucked away from the casino’s other attractions.

1. LVH Superbook- The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is one of the most well respected and oldest properties in all of Las Vegas. Formerly known as the Las Vegas Hilton, the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino also known as LVH still sets the standards for others to follow especially when it comes to the gigantic sportsbook deservedly called the Superbook!

2. MGM Grand Sportsbook - The MGM Grand Race Book and Sports Book boasts a one-stop shop for all of your betting needs and one of the complaints about the MGM Grand is that there is no reason to leave and visit other sports books. That speaks volumes for the sports bettor looking for a sports book that has everything that a sports bettor needs to enjoy a day out.

3. Mandalay Bay Sportsbook - The name alone is synonymous to high roller atmosphere and quality gaming. Mandalay Bay is a favorite of many of the old timers that remember nights filled with excitement and luxury. Over the years Mandalay Bay has changed but they are still a casino that should be on the must-see list for anyone that heads to Sin City.

4. Lagasse's Stadium at The Palazzo Sports Book - Lagasse's Stadium at The Palazzo kicks off a new breed of sports bar - this sports book, restaurant and entertainment club has enough to distract even the most committed fan. Chef, sports enthusiast and tailgating-pro Emeril Lagasse has lowered the lights and turned up the heat with crave-worthy kicked up game-day fare. Experience a whole new take on tailgating, with freely flowing brews on tap, refreshing cocktails, hi-def action on over 100 screens, and couches that just won't let you go.

5. Caesars Sportsbook - Caesars is legendary for what they have accomplished and their high end casinos and resorts. That is why it should come as no surprise that they have done the same excellent output with the Caesars sports book. Caesars is legendary and highly reputable so playing at the Caesars sportsbook is a dream for many and a must-see for the sports betting fan.

6. Cosmopolitan Race and Sports Book - When they opened Cosmopolitan Race and Sports Book they set the bar high. The sports book is nestled nicely on the second floor of the Marquee Nightclub and it may not have the size of some of the other major sports books in Las Vegas, but it does have the allure. Cosmopolitan Race & Sports Book by Cantor is decked out with a modern style that provides comfort, privacy and the ultimate experience in gaming.

7. Red Rock Sportsbook - The Red Rock sports book is far off the strip but they offer some of the amenities and other “must-haves” that sports bettors look for in a sports book. It all starts with the monstrous 96 foot wide viewing area that grabs anyone’s attention the second that you step into the sports book. The large projection screens show the highlighted event of the day along with the most recent and updated big board loaded with the latest odds for future and current sports betting events.

8. Bellagio Sportsbook - Bellagio has always made a point of being one of the best when it comes to hotels and casinos so it only makes sense that they want to keep up with the other sports books. That is where the Bellagio sports book steps up to take on all comers and entertain the masses.

9. Wynn Sportsbook - The Wynn sports book is known as a "boutique hotel" that caters to all types of players. The Wynn is small in comparison to some of the other mega sports books in Las Vegas, but it offers top-notch service and quality concern for the client.

10. Aria Sportsbook - The Aria Sports book is like watching the game in an oversized living room with the best televisions and girlfriend that will bring you a drink whenever you need it. The Aria Sports book takes pride in creating a comfortable atmosphere and changing the sports book environment from a frat party to a nice setting to actually enjoy the game and absorb the entire Aria Sports book experience.