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MLB Betting

Week 3 Thoughts on the MLB Season

Even though the consensus opinion is that it’s hard to evaluate a team before they play 40 games, the standings are starting to take shape in Major League Baseball and a lot of teams are performing as expected. The Astros, Cubs, and Diamondbacks hold the worst records in the league and a lot of teams are hovering around .500. So far, four of the six projected division leaders are in first place, including the Braves who were supposed to win the division before the Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy Tommy John announcements.

Jadeveon Clowney

NFL Draft: Why the Houston Texans Have to Take Jadeveon Clowney

The NFL draft takes place in the month of May and leading up to the event, experts always attempt to guess who will be selected with the number one overall pick. This happens every year and this year there seems to be more contenders for the top spot. Jadeveon Clowney is among many of the players that could be selected Number one overall by the Houston Texans.

Super Bowl XLIX

Revisiting the Super Bowl XLIX Futures Market

It’s hard to believe that more than two months have passed since Super Bowl XLVIII ended and the Seattle Seahawks held the Lombardi Trophy. Most of the free agent dominoes have fallen as a smattering of NFL players remain unsigned, but a lot of the big names are off the market. Has that changed the odds for Super Bowl XLIX and what impact has it had on the perception of certain teams? Let’s take a look.

MLB Betting Tips

10 Early Season Baseball Betting Tips

Even though baseball withdrawal is now over, it’s important not to go too crazy early on in the season. Early season baseball betting can be very tricky because a lot of games are decided by bullpens since starting pitchers aren’t completely stretched out and will regularly leave games prior to reaching 100 pitches. Also, early season sample sizes can be very deceiving. But, you’ve missed baseball and you want to bet it anyway. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when betting early season baseball.