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Depositing funds by personal e-check is the easiest way to credit your betting account online if you hold a personal checking account at a bank. It generally costs nothing to you and it's simple and safe. You can transfer money to your sportsbook account directly from your bank account. All you have to do is fill out a quick, secure form, and you are ready to start making wagers.

Echeck SportsbookHow Does it work?

The money is taken straight from your personal checking account and deposited into your betting account, so there are no more transfer fees or frustrating credit card rejections.

First-time E-check deposits usually have a limit of $300. Once your E-check account has been certified the maximum amount for future deposits can go as high as $1500 per day. In short, you are writing a paperless check when you make echeck deposits. Once you register all the pertinent information regarding your banking details such as your account # and routing #, ect... you will initiate the transfer and the funds are instantly available for wagering.

Currently for US customers there are a limited number of sites that offer E-checks, we suggest checking out one of Credit Card Deposit Sportsbooks

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NON - US Friendly ECheck Sportsbooks: